Make DASH™ insights actionable with BI Reporting™

Data is powerful. The best decisions are data-driven, especially when establishing business plans and strategies.

However, data is only good if you can make sense of it. And while it is possible to run a number of job-related reports using data stored within CoreLogic®| Restoration DASH™, there is also an add-on product—BI Reporting™—that enhances the power of job and personnel data in DASH.

Here’s how you can take your DASH data to the next level using BI Reporting:

Create customized reports and dashboards

The tremendous amount of data within DASH can be overwhelming. And while DASH users can create basic job reports from data stored in the platform, BI Reporting allows users to create customized reports based on any data field in the system. With customized reports, users can focus expressly on the data they need, without extra data that may confuse analysis.

Examples of reports are: gross profit over a certain period of time, time to certificate of satisfaction (COS), job costs, and reports for third-party administrators (TPAs) that enable restoration firms to report back to TPAs the information they need to get paid on time and to maintain their confidence in performance.

With BI Reporting, users can also configure dashboards with all the relevant customized reports they need at a glance. These personalized dashboards give professionals immediate access to the insights they need to effectively perform their jobs and make decisions about ongoing and future projects.

Get visual representations of your data

With visual aids, BI Reporting helps tell the story behind any set of data. Through BI Reporting, users can create reports that use powerful graphs, charts, maps, trend lines, and more to represent the data reflected in a report.

As a result, instead of trying to make sense of metrics by looking at numbers or other data points, restoration professionals can take advantage of easy-to-digest, visually-driven reports to help restoration professionals process data easily and more quickly to plan for future projects.

Get the right reports to the right people

With BI Reporting, you can set permissions for each report that you run. This ensures that the right people have access to the right data, limiting exposure to sensitive information.

Through BI Reporting, users can also automate the sending of reports to other users at regular intervals. This ensures that all the relevant professionals have all the insights they need to understand trends with regard to projects, revenue, and personnel. Once again, this contributes to decision-makers making data-driven, fully informed strategies.

Maximize the power of DASH data with BI Reporting

BI Reporting is an important add-on to DASH that helps users make sense of their data in their job management system so that they can do more with all the information they have.

With BI Reporting, restoration professionals can organize and illustrate their data in ways that make the most sense to them. BI reports position data so that decision-makers can position their resources and revenue so that they maximize productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

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