Networking is Critical, Documenting is Power

I wouldn’t be where I am today without networking, and I am positive that you may attribute much of your success to the same. Time and time again we hear the importance of networking to start a career, to land a deal, to be in the know. Networking is certainly a skill that comes easier to some than others, but it’s a skill that can be learned. While there are many reasons to network, one of the most important aspects of networking is the documentation of what was learned, discussion points, listing other possible connections, etc. Unless you have an extremely bright mind that never forgets details, documenting your networking experiences is vital to success.

marketing crm functionsHave you ever forgotten someone’s name? Your child’s birthday? Or heaven forbid, your own Anniversary?! Marketing CRM (Contact Relationship Manager) Software is designed to capture details for all your daily contacts so that you have a single location to reference all necessary details. You can enter contact records and information from all the business cards you collect at a tradeshow, add important hobbies or reminders for your recollection during the next conversation, and so much more! Not only are Marketing CRMs useful for storage contact records and specific details, but they often also include a reminder system, activity tracking, Return on Investment reporting, and other useful features to make your life easier when it comes to managing your regular contacts. While it may not be able to get you out of trouble in forgetting your Anniversary, it can certainly help you make the most of all your important business or personal conversations!

Marketing CRMs are becoming more and more common in today’s place of business, and one of the most common uses of a CRM for cleaning and restoration contractors today is for Marketing efforts. A Marketer within a restoration company spends a significant amount of time visiting key contacts, making phone conversation, following up on recent job statuses, and other important daily duties. A Marketing CRM allows such a marketer to track all phone calls and talking points, schedule out visits with adjusters, property managers, or other business-related contacts, track ROI that correlates marketing spend per contact to revenue received from marketing efforts, and even event planning and management! There are so many powerful ways a marketer can stay on top of vital relationships, take advantage of more streamlined activity planning, and better track budgets based on results with a CRM system. And the best part – most CRMs offer full mobile capabilities, allowing users to conveniently take their entire system with them while on the go!

ClientRunner Software offers an industry-specific Marketing CRM to customers to take full advantage of marketing efficiency. To learn more about how a CRM can help make you more profitable and your processes more streamlined, visit our website today!

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