Provide personalized customer experiences with Engage™

Across all customer experiences, people want to feel special. Shopping or moving through the steps of a transaction, no one wants to feel like just another customer. People want to be able to trust the businesses whose products or services they’ve paid for.

While it is important to provide customers across all industries with personalized customer experiences, it is especially crucial to provide them with special touches in times of distress. This is why property restoration professionals who constantly engage with people in times of turmoil must have tools to deliver personalized customer experiences.

CoreLogic® Restoration | DASH™—the job management solution for restoration contractors—integrates with a communication platform that enables restoration professionals to deliver the personalized touches that customers crave throughout each job. Previously known as ProAssist®, CoreLogic® Restoration | Engage™ is an integrated contact collaboration tool that facilitates communication both between field and office for property restoration companies, and perhaps more importantly, it facilitates easy communication with customers.

Engage™ allows its users to keep policyholders in the loop throughout an entire project. This is important because it gives customers a sense of control when they desperately need it—when their homes or other properties have suffered damage.

First, with one click of a button, Engage allows technicians to inform policyholders of their identity, company information, and when they are on the way to a property. This immediately personalizes the experience for policyholders, and gives them the opportunity to plan accordingly for onsite workers.

Then, through a private messaging platform, Engage keeps the contractors, homeowners, and all other stakeholders in real-time communication through the entire project. Property restoration companies can keep policyholders up to date on project progress and anticipated completion dates. Using the direct messaging feature, customers can also reach out to technicians with questions at any point in the process. Keeping technicians and other stakeholders accessible can make the property restoration process feel much less overwhelming to customers.

Engage also empowers policyholders to be part of the solution—to have a hand in shortening project lifecycles by providing information to property restoration firms as soon as they need it. Through a secure online portal, property owners can upload work authorizations, property photos, and notes directly to job files in DASH™.

Engage integrates seamlessly with DASH, so all information logged through Engage is immediately documented within DASH job pages. This connection between the two platforms ensures that information gleaned from customers guides jobs, making restoration contracting businesses more customer-centric.

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