Using a customer connection tool gives restoration business owners and contractors the ability to build powerful relationships with customers. Think about it… we live in an age where we can track our pizza deliveries with an app, get notified the moment a package arrives on our doorstep, and know at the glance of a smartphone whether each door and window in our home is secure. Is it any wonder that our customers are increasingly uncomfortable being left in the dark when it comes to the status of their home mitigation or restoration job?

The nuts and bolts of what we do—stopping water damage in its tracks and putting homeowners back to rights—has gone mostly unchanged for decades. However, everything that surrounds that core function—how we communicate to potential customers, how we track the progress of various jobs and know the location of hundreds of pieces of equipment—has changed dramatically. The mobile revolution is fully upon us, and restoration companies that haven’t embraced it are increasingly being left behind by those who have.

ProAssist for Dash - Next Gear Solutions

Welcome to ProAssist: A New Customer Connection Tool

Next Gear Solutions was built upon the value of a paperless operation and the efficiencies that come with connecting all employees and keeping them in the loop. ProAssist is our newest product that continues and expands upon this idea.

With a single tap in ProAssist, the homeowner or loss contact is informed via text message that someone is on their way to help. Another tap tells them of your arrival, and with a final tap, you’ll let the homeowner know you are done. Afterward, ProAssist allows your customers to see photos of the work and rate the job done. This information can be easily shared with homeowners, property owners, and property managers.

ProAssist for Dash - Next Gear Solutions

Why Building a Customer Connection Matters

It’s the kind of connectivity and transparent communication that consumers expect from a professional company. We hardly have to point out that clear communication is a major component of customer satisfaction even in the best of times—and in these days of physical distancing, it’s more important than ever. With the power of customer communication literally in the palm of your hands, you can remotely connect with homeowners and your office, manage your jobs, and communicate your status—anytime, anywhere.

What Customers Have to Say About ProAssist

An optional tool within our DASH job management software, ProAssist was unveiled at the CONNECT 2020 conference and was intriguing enough to audience members that we had signups on the spot to become early adopters. Juliana Lopez, the division manager for fire and contents with FireWater Restoration Services of Washington was one of them. She said her company was “very excited when we heard that Next Gear was introducing ProAssist,” and called out the ability for customers to rate the work done as a key component for her. “The techs are always trying to get that five-star on every job!”

Get a Free Demo of ProAssist

We’d love to set up a demo to show what DASH and ProAssist can do for your restoration business. If you’re already using DASH, we’d be happy to set up a standalone ProAssist demo.

ProAssist for Dash - Next Gear Solutions

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