Rocks, Pebbles and Sand of Restoration Management Software

The most successful individuals today all have (at least) one thing in common – they know how to effectively prioritize their day! As a contractor your day often begins early, and planning your day first thing in the morning is critical in setting the stage for daily success. While you may struggle to know where to begin, there are many resources available to help you start right – ClientRunner’s Restoration management Software designed for contractors has the tools to help kickstart your morning, ensuring that you have an achievable, prioritized plan!

Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand

The creation of the “Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand” principle is often attributed to American educator, author and businessman Dr. Stephen Covey. His concept is a great visual way to plan out your day and ensure that you focus on the most important items first.

A large jar has a limited volume, with only has so much space to fit materials such as rocks, pebbles and sand. Dr. Covey teaches that there is a very specific order in which the jar must be filled in order to fit all the materials. If you fill the jar with sand first, there will not be enough space to fit the pebbles and rocks in the end; However, if you start with the larger rocks, then add pebbles, the smaller stones will fill within the empty spaces between the rocks. Then, when the sand is added last, it will further fill in between the pebbles and rocks, allowing all materials to fit!

When scheduling out your day, the most critical items to be completed must be treated as rocks, such as a scheduled appointment with a customer or the completion of a critical inspection that left incomplete may delay a project. These priorities rightfully should be the primary point of focus throughout the day and must be completed. The pebbles are the next priority, and can fairly easily fit in between your priority items. As an example, pebbles may consist of picking up materials that are necessary to start pojects the next morning. It doesn’t necessarily matter when the completion of these items happens during the day, but they are an important task in order to move forward with other tasks. Last comes the sand, which is the lowest priority items on your list (and often times are pushed out day by day). Running some personal errands may feel like an overall accomplishment, but if such items are placed at a higher priority than your rocks or pebbles you may find yourself in a difficult situation. The video below is a great (and relatively comical) illustration of this concept, and how important it is to place priority items first.

restoration management software

Efficiency Through Restoration Management Software

Restoration management Software allows contractors to be better prepared to make decisions throughout the day. With powerful features such as team and individual scheduling, “To Do” lists, reminders, and alerts, users can better review their high, medium and low priority items more easily, including the setting of a reminder to complete tasks on schedule. Often times, users can prioritize “To Do” items in order to make better use of time.

Dr. Covey teaches, “If you don’t put the big rocks in first, you’ll never get them in at all.” Take a few minutes each morning to identify your highest priority items on your list, and fill in the rest of your daily schedule to take full advantage of your plan for success.

For more information on how you can manage the Rocks, Pebbles and Sand in your workflow, read more about the powerful features available and how to prioritize and automate your tasks using ClientRunner’s Restoration Management Software on our website.

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