Today, there are so many options for Social Media that many business owners don’t take the time to weigh the benefits of involvement. Because of this, they may miss consumer trends that are often the backbone of a successful business. If you are in restoration management, then you can’t afford for this to happen to you.
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…
Pinterest is currently the fastest growing social media site online, and has now taken center stage as the third largest social media site, according to marketing researcher Experian1. Pinterest is a free online pin board where people can create categories, such as Fashion, Recipes, Vacation Sites, Movies, etc. and then “pin” pictures and captions within the categories.
Other users can view your “pins” and make comments on your photo, “like” your post, “Re-pin” your post on their own page, or share your post through other social media networks, such as Twitter or Facebook. Because it is comparable to an “online scrapbook,” the majority of users have been women, and more specifically stay-at-home moms. But all that is about to change…
Why Use Pinterest?
Just like many other social media platforms, Pinterest is gaining popularity among small business owners. It is a free, effective avenue to highlight products and services, promote your business, and generate awareness of your brand. The key is to draw potential customers in by using pictures that grab attention, rather than relying on text alone. Most people prefer looking at pictures, so why not tell your product or service’s story by grabbing potential customers’ attention?
You could have customers pin pictures of themselves using your product or service on your pinboard, which would improve customer loyalty and build trust among potential customers. Not only that, but all of the followers of the person who pinned the picture would see the post, which generates awareness of your company.
You could also use Pinterest to collaborate or manage workflow. For example, if you have a project including pictures, you could create a category for the project and have team members upload their pictures as a reference for the entire team. There are numerous ways that your team could become more organized in using Pinterest! This is a must have for your restoration management!
Where to Begin
When first arriving at, you will need to “Request an Invite” to set up a free account.

Pinterest will issue you information to login, and you will begin to select your interests to build your online pinboard, or browse categories that you may have an interest in. Pinterest has a great “Help” section that illustrates how to create Categories and how to Pin within your Categories. You can have your restoration management team all have their own log-in or have each team member create a different username and password.
We engage with our customers by creating Categories that inform them about our services and other categories they may find interesting or amusing. For example, companies in the disaster restoration industry will submit their favorite Before/After picture from a recent job, and we will choose our favorite to highlight as the Photo of the Week! Not only does it allow our customers to show off their work, but it allows us to engage with our customers on a different playing field. We will also show pictures from important events, such as the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. For more examples of how ClientRunner uses Pinterest, click HERE!
Pinterest has become the fastest growing social media platform today. Can you afford not to build your presence online? You can bet that before long your competition will be…