[title size=”1″ content_align=”left” style_type=”default” sep_color=”” class=”” id=””]The Benefits of Cloud-Based Technology in Any Size Business[/title][fusion_text]As more and more business owners are increasingly moving to “the cloud”, it’s important to understand what benefit the cloude-based technology movement really means to your company. Like other technology shifts in the past, it can rain down incredible advantages to a business of any size.
What is the cloud?
Cloud-Based TechnologyA cloud environment in technology is simply a network of servers that conveniently allows anytime, anywhere access to data. The many intertwined servers in the network allow for data to be securely stored in massive warehouses across the world. This allows for quick and easy data storage and sharing among any number of individuals – assuming they have the rights to access such data.
The cloud is like a giant hard drive on the Internet: a digital vault. Think of it as a intangible filing cabinet with unlimited storage space and easy accessibility to data. In fact, it is so big that just one cloud server can hold up to 2.2 BILLION gigabytes worth of data. The cloud is a valuable asset to growing businesses, and cloud-based software providers, like ClientRunner for job management, help businesses to make their workflow even more efficient through true cloud solutions.
The cloud is secure
Cloud-Based TechnologyThe cloud is very safe. While there are several examples of high profile data hacks in recent years, in most cases the result we due to some insecurity within a system; most cloud-based providers spend a significant amount of time building and maintaining database structures that are comprised of the most advanced and modern security technology available today. As a restoration expert, you work with sensitive customer and job information that requires protection. With multiple levels of security (and all the other benefits that come with it), a cloud-based solution is the ideal place for efficient businesses management and growth.
The cloud is organized
Cloud-Based TechnologySome contractors use tools such as whiteboards, filing folders, sticky notes, office calendars and more to keep organized and manage projects. While these methods may help some individuals to stay on top of their projects, there are often much more efficient means to the same end. With a cloud-based solution, all these varying systems for organization are compiled into a single efficient solution. No more losing sticky notes, pictures or documents! Users have all their data at their fingertips on any device, and managing job records is a breeze.
The cloud is designed to scale
Cloud-Based TechnologyThe cloud is like a huge rubber band – it can stretch and contract, allowing for total flexibility as a company grows! While some software loaded locally on computers can be rigid and difficult to suit business needs, cloud-based systems allow for quick and consistent updates, can keep up with the growth rate of your company, is more compatible with computers and devices (less affected by the millions of possible computer hardware configurations), and can often be customized to a level unlike any other solution available. Cloud-based systems often outperform any other system due to the ability to grow and adapt.
The cloud is mobile
Cloud-Based TechnologyYou’re at the office. You’re on the road. You’re on site. You’re on vacation. A restoration expert is always on the move. One of the most impressive features of cloud technology today is the ability to be used ANYWHERE. From the Estimator seamlessly working in the field to the office admin capturing new business miles away at the home office—you can keep track of it all. Whether you’re on your mobile phone, tablet, desktop, or any other device that accesses the web, cloud systems are perfect for all your needs.
ClientRunner Software is a leader in cloud-based job management solutions for contractors. Not only is ClientRunner the most efficient system available to contractors today, but it is deeply rooted in the core benefits that a cloud system provides to users. With a focus on data security, organization and efficiency, a scalable solution that growth with your business, and mobile ease of use at its finest, ClientRunner is the best cloud solution for the innovative contractor.[/fusion_text]