It’s that time of year again. In the thick of the holiday season, we are at a crossroads between tying up loose ends to wrap up 2023 and preparing for 2024.

2024 is right around the corner, and with it comes so many opportunities for professionals across the property insurance ecosphere – from carriers to restoration contractors. If you haven’t started making plans for how to take on these opportunities and to conquer your business goals and objectives, now is the time.

The ideal way to start your year is to attend INTRCONNECT 2024, CoreLogic’s annual conference for everyone across the property insurance ecosystem and overlapping industries – from insurance providers to restoration contractors to InsureTech companies.


The theme of the 2024 event is “Building Tomorrow, Together.” Through keynote sessions and individualized role-based track sessions, hundreds of attendees will gather to analyze the current and future states of the property insurance and restoration industries – and to explore strategies for future-proofing their businesses.

Here are the top five reasons you should attend the conference in Austin, Texas, from January 21-24, 2024:

1. It’s the perfect way to kick off a new year with your team.

With INTRCONNECT happening at the beginning of the year, it presents the ideal opportunity to bring your entire team to the conference as a purposeful backdrop to an annual kick-off event for your company. You’ll be surrounded by the best and brightest minds in both the property insurance and restoration industries. All sessions – both keynote sessions and individual breakout sessions – will provide important knowledge and advice regarding how to position your business for all the future uncertainties that this industry will inevitably be impacted by.

Between these sessions will be the perfect time to reflect with your team on what you’ve learned and how you can apply new insights to business planning for 2024 – and beyond.

Individual role-based tracks ensure that there is a place for everyone on your team at INTRCONNECT 2024. It’s the ideal set up for a team-building trip – with the added benefit of providing opportunities to glean relevant outside perspectives.

2. Learn from and network with the ENTIRE property ecosphere.

This event isn’t just for carriers. It’s not just for contractors and third-party administrators. It’s for everyone – every stakeholder across the property insurance supply chain. There is a place for underwriters, claims professionals, restoration contractors, InsureTech vendors, and more.


We are including everyone because the property insurance and restoration industries are a collective ecosystem – and they should function like one to operate more smoothly and efficiently as well as to better serve end customers.
Carriers rely on contractors to restore properties in accordance with insurance policies, contractors depend on carriers to direct business to them, and so on. As a result, the ideal industry event is one that involves every company and role involved in all the processes that keep the insurance world turning.

Understanding the perspectives and needs of your counterparts is crucial to being able to strategize accordingly. At INTRCONNECT, you will hear from experts on all sides of the table. You’ll have plenty of chances to network with and have intimate conversations with both your direct peers and those who work in different areas of the ecosystem.

3. Get the best of both worlds.


Industry events can go one of two ways: they can either focus on speakers that address everyone in the audience, or there can be a lot of breakout sessions designed for smaller groups of people. At INTRCONNECT, you’ll get the best of both. The mornings will feature speakers that address the entire audience on relevant topics that impact all industries represented. The afternoons are reserved for role-based tracks – sessions that are designed for specific positions. For example, underwriters have a customized lineup of programming while water mitigation technicians have their own.

The combination of both types of session ensures that attendees will come away with a full wealth of knowledge about their industry and those that overlap with theirs. With the general sessions, you will hear from experts from across the ecosphere, and then in breakout sessions, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and collaborate with your peers and experts in your specific field.

4. Get the scoop on upcoming CoreLogic updates and innovations.


At CoreLogic, we are constantly innovating our technology solutions so that they allow your company to optimize all processes. Every year, we work on new comprehensive data assets, workflow solutions, Artificial Intelligence-driven tools, and more that enable you to maximize your resources and to remove procedural and data silos between other stakeholders across the insurance supply chain.

INTRCONNECT 2024 will be the unveiling of so many of our new enhancements and technologies. It’s the place to see how the most modern technology will impact your industry. The event provides a forum for you to understand and engage with the new tool sets that can and will transform the way you do business. It’s a place for you to ask questions and even have an impact on future CoreLogic innovation, too.

5. Free opportunities for certification, training, and accreditation.

On the last day of INTRCONNECT, we will be offering two different trainings that attendees can choose to attend at no additional cost.
For claims professionals and people in other related positions, CoreLogic now has a three-tiered CoreLogic Claims Certification training and examination program that is designed to validate your knowledge and proficiency in CoreLogic Claims | Workspace™ (formerly Claims Connect™) and CoreLogic Claims | Estimate™ (formerly Mobile Claims®).

Attendees of INTRCONNECT 2024 will have the opportunity to train for Level 2 certification – which will confirm advanced proficiency knowledge and familiarity with best practices when using Workspace and Estimate. Following this training onsite at INTRCONNECT, participants will get an examination code to take the test at no additional cost. So, in addition to everything you will learn as part of regular INTRCONNECT programming, you can prepare to earn a certificate that demonstrates your subject matter expertise with two widely-used industry technologies.


Restoration professionals can also attend CoreLogic® Restoration | DASH Fundamentals Training on Wednesday, January 24. Participants of this training will become more familiar with their own DASH databases. During the course, experienced CoreLogic trainers and software experts will work with every attendee to help them maximize their usage of DASH to take their data to the next level.

The course will cover the latest features within DASH, how to avoid ‘bad’ data, and how to assess the current state of your company’s data and how it is being used today.

Finally, applicable INTRCONNECT attendees will also earn IICRC Continuing Education Credit (CEC) hours. Any IICRC registrant in the Cleaning & Restoration, Master, or Inspection Certification categories may be awarded up to 14 CEC hours.


These are only some of the reasons to attend INTRCONNECT 2024 – an event you certainly won’t want to miss as a member of the property insurance ecosphere.

To register for INTRCONNECT, visit today.