Water Restoration Software Job Portal

Your typical homeowner has no idea what is involved in the water mitigation process. They don’t know the steps involved in removing the water from the affected area, the dryout process, nor what is involved in repairing any risidual damage to the property – let alone how much time the contractor is going to be in their home throughout this process. Water Restoration Software can easily provide very specific insights into this mysterious process and provide the customer the peace of mind they deserve after going through such an ordeal through a custom Job Portal.

What is a Job Portal?

A Water Restoration Software Job Portal is technology that allows contractors to provide real-time insights into their job management system to track job progress. The Job Portal displays basic job information, such as the customer name and property address, any employees working on the job, select job notes and pictures from the job site, a job schedule, and more. It’s essentially the means for a contractor to provide custom, temporary access for a guest to view job progress without overwhelming the customer with too many details.

Is a Job Portal Secure?

This type of technology is very secure, and allows the contractors to customize what data they want to share with the customer. For example, rather than sharing all job notes or pictures housed within the job record, the contractor can pick and choose specifically which notes he wants to share with the homeowner, ensuring that they have the most important information and updates right at their fingertips. In order to access the portal, the guest would recieve a secure link via email, which is entirely controlled by the contractor – access can be revoked at any time.

Is this strictly for homeowners?

While there is a tremendous benefit in using the Job Portal to keep the customer informed with real-time insight on job progress and the lines of communication open, this advanced tool is not only for homeowners. Contractors can utilyze ClientRunner’s job portal with any customer within their water restoration software system, such as commercial or residential jobs, government contracts, insurance contacts (adjuster, agent, etc.), and much more. The flexibility and power that the portal provides is that the contractor can provide direct insight into job progress to any guest that is necessary, whomever that may be.

While ClientRunner Software’s Job Portal is a powerful communication tool within your arsenal, there are many other water restoration software tools that ClientRunner provides to contractors to become more efficient and successful. For more information on how powerful features, such as ClientRunner Software’s Job Portal, can benefit your growing business, visit our website!

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