Water Restoration Software – Quality or Quantity for Optimal Results?

On the first day of class, a ceramics teacher divided his class into two groups and explained his unusual grading procedure. Half of the class was to be graded on quantity of work produced – the combined weight of pots produced over fifty pounds would earn an “A” grade, forty pounds would earn a “B”, and so forth. Meanwhile, the other half of the class was to be graded on the quality of work produced – the requirement was to produce a single, perfectly flawless pot to receive an “A” grade.

The students in the classroom worked furiously through the semester with half the classroom churning out pot after pot, while the other half poured their full attention and effort into designing and producing a single, perfect pot. At the end of the semester, an unexpected result occurred: the highest quality pots produced did not result from the efforts of the “quality” group. In the end, the “quantity” group feverishly produced pot after pot, repeatedly making and learning from mistakes, making a more perfect pot with each attempt; the “quality” group had spent a considerable amount of time contemplating the process of producing perfection, but in the end had little more to show than ideas and dried-up mounds of clay.

water restoration software contractors ipadUndoubtedly, contractors are looking for ways to satisfy both achievements in the regular work they perform – quantity and quality. While it’s essential to focus on producing quality work with every job, we tend to find that with practice, processes become more aligned with perfection. The Process of using Restoration Software within an organization is no different – with more practice and use, the results of the efforts become more and more pronounced.

While it is true that the use of job management software is designed to make a business more efficient and profitable, like anything else in life, these promises are obtained through the consistent efforts of a team. If there are no employees using a system, the system will ultimately fail; however, if an entire team were devoted to using such a system to manage their day to day operations on a very regular and thorough basis, such a system would produce incredible results and improved efficiencies, allowing the business to have deeper insights and more profound success.

It is very important to focus on producing the best quality work possible, but through practice and repetition, the results will become more pronounced over time. Learn more about the powerful possibilities of ClientRunner’s Water Restoration Software for your business, and how you can take advantage of producing a larger quantity and higher quality work through an automated, powerful system.

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