What’s the Hype with Software Integrations?

What’s the Hype with Software Integrations?

It seems that everyone is talking about software integrations. With the ever-increasing popularity and buzz, you may wonder what this means to you as a business owner, and you may be surprised by all the benefit it can actually offer to your organization.

What is a Software Integration?

A Software Integration is a development effort to bring two unique software entities together to automate and systematize redundant data entry tasks through data transfer, to automate actions from one system to another, or to perform other complex functions. Most commonly, a software integration will automatically populate data entered from one system into another to save the user time from double entry.

Integration Designed for Contractors

software integrations and cloud computing imageWithin the cleaning and restoration industry, there are dozens of software services that integrate, providing an advantageous benefit to the end user. Today, Job Management systems are connected with accounting packages, estimation systems, mapping services, water mitigation suites, and so much more.
As a prime example, ClientRunner worked directly with the Xactware team on-site in building out a full, two way integration with two of Xactware’s primary products – XactAnalysis and Xactimate. As a result, ClientRunner now seamlessly connects three of the most powerful industry systems into a simple, yet robust integrated system that effortlessly transfers critical job information between the platforms, such as job files, date, notes, estimates, etc.
Taking full advantage of integrated systems today may seem like a lot of work, but the reality is that a small amount of effort up front becomes an incredible payoff over time.
As an example, the typical employee spends around two minutes fully entering an initial job file within a single system. If that employee were to enter 10 jobs in a single day, over a year this would amount to over 80 hours of data entry! Multiply that across the various systems necessary to house job records (and even their hourly wage) and the numbers begin to appear a significant waste of time and expense without systematized automation through software integration.

So What’s the Big Deal?

The big deal is that integrating your existing software systems can save your team an incredible amount of time in data entry, it can help to ensure accuracy and eliminate transcription errors, it helps your integrated systems to have a uniform naming format, it provides you with files and details much more quickly than your employees could, it brings together vendors to work together and provide a better experience to their customers, and more!
ClientRunner has been integrating with partners for years, and we understand the full benefit that a software integration provides to our users in saving an immense amount of time, resources and expense that otherwise may become burdonsome within an organization. For more information on what software integrations ClientRunner offers, visit our Software Integration page, or contact our team at Sales@ClientRunner.com.

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