Workflow Software: Features vs. Power

With the ever increasing accessibility to technology, more cleaning and restoration contractors are embracing software to manage their business than ever before. It seems there are dozens of software solutions for any given market, especially in the market for workflow software – the list to choose from is growing daily! Most contractors simply don’t have the time to filter through all the options – they just need a solution that works, and works well.

The Magnetism of Software Features

The first approach that many make when considering a software package for their business is to start checking off a shopping list of necessary features. On the surface, this isn’t a bad practice; there is typically basic functionality that is necessary and expected in running an successful organization, which will vary from business to business. However, decisions should go much deeper than simply checking the boxes or basing such a decision on the total number of features offered. It really comes down to the benefit of each feature supplied by the software to the end user that will impact the organization in the long run.
I have come to realize that software needs to be more than a large number of flashy features. It needs to effectively solve a problem or make life easier to be beneficial to the user.

Simple is Powerful

In line with all of the above, one of the greatest strengths of the best software on the market is simplicity. A simple software solution does not mean that the software is lacking features or power; on the contrary, simple software is the most powerful software of all, as it allows the user to navigate quickly, be more efficient, and typically means there is less waste overall (features that are too complex and are never used). With our own software, our entire focus in everything we do is making every feature as simple and intuitive as possible, as we know that without this focus our users will lose interest and move on. Our workflow software, ClientRunner, is designed to be the most effective tool in assisting contractors with their everyday workflow easily and quickly – the focus is making it simple.

Workflow Software

If you are searching for workflow software, or any other workflow software for the first time to replace filing- or paper-driven systems, or even if you currently use software but feel there may be more effective systems for your current workflow, be aware of what benefits the software will actually bring to your organization to align with your workflow. Beware of the flashy feature sets, as more isn’t always better; look for a simple (powerful) solution that is designed for all your users – not just management, but designed to be an easy tool for even the most ‘tech unsavvy’ users. It’s always better to ensure that the software is fully utilized and adopted within the organization rather than to find it to be overly complex, half-implemented, and ultimately under-serving or a negative distraction to your business.

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