Next Gear Solutions is pleased to announce that Brandon Burton has joined our team this week, serving as our Vice President of Technical Application. We think that bringing Brandon’s experience and expertise in the science of moisture mitigation to Next Gear will benefit our customers enormously. We are also very excited about making Brandon available to our key clients to help with any technical needs that they may have.

In his new role at Next Gear, Brandon will continue his work on the IICRC S500 Standards Committee, where he has served for many years. We look forward to leveraging his extensive knowledge as we work to deliver software and tools that make compliance with industry standards easy for our clients.

Throughout Brandon’s 22 years at Legend Brands, he built an innumerable relationships across the industry and organization. If you have met Brandon or know his level of expertise, we are sure that you will join us in welcoming him to the Next Gear Solutions team. #RestoreTogether