Oxford, MS., January 17, 2017- Next Gear Solutions, the developers of DASH, the market-leading restoration management software, has finalized the acquisition of Luxor CRM. This acquisition brings a deluxe CRM into the Next Gear Solutions product suite, allowing us to offer even more key business solutions to the restoration management industry.

“Luxor CRM has had profound impacts on the effectiveness of restoration sales teams working in the referral-driven environment of restoration sales and marketing,” said Garret Gray, CEO of Next Gear Solutions. “I believe combining their talent and technology with Next Gear’s will benefit the entire industry.”

“Joining forces with the largest job management provider will bring more resources to our current customers and allow us to enable the success of many more contractors,” said Lukas Szczurowski, founder of Luxor CRM.

One of the key drivers behind this acquisition is Next Gear’s continued focus on allowing restoration companies more choices in how they operate and grow their business. Luxor CRM will allow Next Gear to better help restoration contractors whether they’re on DASH or a competing job management solution.

“In the old days, a company like ours would buy up competitors and force the industry to adapt to their solution. But this is not the old days. Today’s customers demand choice. They want to select a suite of products that work well for them. We’re proud of the fact that current Luxor CRM customers can continue to use their choice of restoration management software and still gain access to other highly impactful products that Next Gear offers,” Gray said.

Next Gear makes solutions that work well for people who work hard. It was from that commitment to usability that DASH was born. The acquisition of Luxor CRM is another step toward making the lives of restorers easier.

“I am pleased to welcome Lukas Szczurowski, our new Vice President of Sales, and the rest of Luxor CRM leadership to the team. Next Gear prides itself in bringing best-in-class technology to the restoration industry, focused on making all stakeholders more effective,” Gray said. “Luxor’s sales force automation tools have proven highly impactful for restoration companies looking to take their selling organizations to the next level and we look forward to building on the foundation that they have laid.”

About Next Gear Solutions

Next Gear Solutions, based in Oxford, MS, was formed in 2008 to address the lack of job and workflow management software solutions in the restoration industry and launched their first software, DASH, in 2009. Next Gear’s software suite has grown to include franchise and insurance solutions, as well as options for home and business owners with losses. Next Gear is passionate about their proven solutions for the restoration industry and about their people and internal culture.

About Luxor CRM

Luxor CRM is one of Canada’s largest web-based CRM vendors. Founded in 2000, Luxor CRM is a privately-held company, headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Over the past 16 years, Luxor CRM has acquired a noted clientele across North America and abroad and has a reputation of being the most reliable and trusted CRM vendor.

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Tim Kempe
Chief of Staff
Next Gear Solutions
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