Next Gear Solutions and PuroClean are excited to announce the successful rollout of the PuroMetrix platform to over 40% of the PuroClean franchisees in less than six months. PuroClean and Next Gear have been strategically implementing their rollout plan and expect the pace to increase. This amazing accomplishment is a credit to both leadership teams at PuroClean and Next Gear Solutions. Both organizations are committed to delivering the best total solution for all PuroClean franchisees and their customers.

PuroMetrix is a collaborative effort which delivers a PuroClean-specific restoration management system built on the DASH Enterprise Platform by Next Gear Solutions. PuroClean’s partnership with Next Gear allows them to focus on the business of Restoration while delivering the most advanced management software solution available. As a customized system, PuroClean is thrilled to be working with Next Gear to meet the growing needs of the PuroClean franchisee, by simplifying their work and streamlining their business. Focusing on true customer satisfaction from first deployment through training, support, and new feature development, both PuroClean and Next Gear are extremely satisfied with what has been accomplished.

PuroClean chose to partner with Next Gear Solutions because both companies share the belief in consistent business processes with technology that both assist in the delivery while providing transparency. This partnership is based on a long-term strategy, with the realization that as the market evolves, the ‘solution’ must be scalable and evolve as well. PuroClean is dedicated to the implementation of technology throughout its franchise system and expects to raise the bar in what should be expected from a Restoration Service Provider.

“It is very exciting to work with organizations like PuroClean who understand the need to implement consistent and technology-based processes. I have been impressed with the PuroClean organization and have enjoyed working with the Sr. Leadership, midlevel management and local franchisees. I am confident that PuroClean will take the technology solution we provide and make a real difference in the industry.”

— Garret Gray, Chief Executive Officer, Next Gear Solutions

“Personally, working with the executive team at PuroClean has shown how dedicated they are to delivering for their members. From the smallest to the largest franchise, PuroClean’s team really cares and is devoted to delivering the best total solution for all their members.”

— Nick Hindle, Chief Information Officer, Next Gear Solutions