Oxford, MS, January 06, 2015 — Next Gear Solutions, Inc., the team behind DASH – the ultimate management software for the restoration industry – is excited to introduce another exclusive feature from the biggest and most recent release from Next Gear Solutions. On December 18th, 2014, through the Q4 release, DASH introduced real-time compliance monitoring called VPASS, which stands for Value Progression Adjusted Sigma Score and is based on a proven Six Sigma methodology.

At its core, VPASS is a dynamic and transparent method of measuring and quantifying overall performance, while more importantly predicting future performance. According to Garret Gray, CEO and President of Next Gear Solutions, “this monitoring approach is unique in that it goes beyond the traditional Time in Process (TIP) scores by tracking nearly all elements of the job that have a time component”. Being fully integrated into how a job is managed, VPASS does not require additional work to administer. Instead, VPASS highlights the unique requirements of each client, guiding each service provider through the complexity that occurs when working with multiple national programs.

While VPASS is driven by cycle times, it also understands that there are various reasons for missing a deadline. VPASS will allow for some exceptions. For example, some situations are beyond an employee or service provider’s control (a customer requests an on-site time later than the scoring guidelines, for instance). Consequently, some exception reasons will prevent the action item from negatively impacting the score. VPASS performance scoring will provide real-time compliance monitoring on both a local and national level. Now you can track the requirements that matter, assuring that regardless of who is keeping score, your team will always come out on top. Having the tools to track these KPIs in real-time and over time will keep you ahead of the competition.

For more information on VPASS and how it can bring out the best performance in your team, call 866-769-7855 or visit us at nextgearsolutions.net.