Many restoration business owners understand the value and importance in completing work as quickly as possible. Although varying factors will cause inevitable delays on job progress. Mobile technology remains an increasingly important tool to help with efficiency gains. When important information can flow freely between the field and the office jobs are generally processed more quickly.

Smartphone technology makes working with increased speed easier than ever before. TechRadar explained that mobile technology has improved so it can cater to users’ specific needs. This is especially the case for business operations, which can now oversee and manage every aspect of their company all from the palm of their hands. Enhancements to cloud technology have also increased the capabilities of business owners. Documents are easier to obtain and data is kept more secure on the cloud than it ever has been before.

“Restoration business owners can see tremendous value in using their mobile devices.”

Here are three important ways that a restoration company can benefit from using their mobile devices to improve efficiency:

Going paperless saves time and money
So much of a business is still recorded on paper, from material receipts, various forms, work orders, to employee timesheets. However, by merging mobile technology with the cloud, nearly all that paper can now live virtually. By eliminating the “paper monster”, companies can reduce the chance of anything getting misplaced while improving the productivity of the business.

According to Risk Management Magazine, many businesses still haven’t realized the tremendous impact that going paperless can have for a company. More than half of U.S. companies still fill out paper forms on a regular basis, meaning the average American worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper annually. All that paper brings with it a tremendous cost. The magazine reported that capturing the data and storing papers costs businesses across the world more than $30 billion a year.

Restoration owners can see their businesses transformed by throwing away paper for good and cataloging everything digitally. Advanced smartphone applications such as DASH from Next Gear make the transition from paper to digital easier than ever before. The app has many features, such as; action items, notes, photo albums, contacts, job acceptance, marketing items, GPS capabilities, electronic document signing, equipment tracking, moisture monitoring.

The transition of leaving paper for increased reliability on mobile devices will save restoration business owners a considerable amount of time and money, along with helping them do important worker faster than ever before.

Real-time data acquisition helps make informed decisions
A business owner cannot always be on site for everything their employees are doing. They may be out working with other customers or meeting with prospective clients. Yet even when the owner isn’t on location, it is important they are able to see how well their company and field staff are doing.

“Mobile devices allow business owners to track progress and delays in real time.”

Today’s mobile technologies allows business owners to track progress and delays in real time. By seeing data as it comes in, informed decisions can be made about any adjustments or actions that would benefit the job or the business as a whole. DASH Enterprise gives users the chance to track job notes, profitability, compliance, claims performance, moisture monitoring, marketing campaigns and assets in real time. In addition, real time data acquisition leads to better transparency and accountability. Today, companies need to better manage their data footprint, with data, also comes greater responsibility. DASH not only safely and securely moves that data in real time, but also reports on that data in a comprehensive way which meets and exceeds industry standards.

Better communication leads to greater efficiency
At their core, mobile devices are communication tools. Calls, text messages and emails are all ways for people to keep in touch, and restoration owners have a lot of people to deal with on a regular basis. Being able to reach the right contact with just a push of a button makes work a lot easier for everyone involved. Completing work via a mobile device has become the new standard. According to data from Intuit, 96 percent of businesses use wireless technology to save time and enhance their productivity. Improved communication allows business to also be nimbler with their operations.

With contact manager, it is easy for anyone using DASH’s mobile app to find the person they need to speak with right away without having to call the office. With better communication, a restoration business can avoid time waster looking for information and focus on keeping the work on track.