When a disaster strikes, affected business owners want to get back on track with their company in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Further delays or setbacks could cost businesses even more money if they don’t choose the right restoration contractor.

As a restoration contractor, you need to know your potential clients’ pain points, so you can offer solutions and meet them right away. Business owners are always skeptical of who to pick for restoration projects and the competition you constantly face is growing even more. As a restorer, you need to be one step ahead of the playing field so you can provide the best experience possible for your clients.

Here are four qualities your clients will be looking for in an ideal restoration contractor:

1. Are you certified and trusted?
Before clients come to you, they want to make sure you’re certified and abreast of all the necessary industry credentials.

2. Do you use the latest in estimating software?
In the property and casualty industry, it is the industry standard to be using either Xactimate or Symbility as an estimating platform.

3. How do you communicate with your customers?
Restoration contractors don’t necessarily have to be professionals with insurance claims information for their clients, but it’s absolutely essential to know all the necessary documents and forms that are needed to complete a job. In a way, it’s your responsibility as a restoration contractor to provide your clients with all the proper forms and documents.

“Make sure payment schedules, estimates and list of materials are detailed thoroughly.”

4. Is everything agreed upon in writing?
Your customers don’t want to be taken for granted and as they oversee a restoration project, they want to be certain on everything that was agreed upon in your original meetings. To help increase the confidence of your clients, make sure payment schedules, due dates, estimates, materials documents and scope of work forms are all detailed thoroughly and match exactly what you discussed.

In the event your customer disagrees with something on your project, you will have written proof available to show them this is exactly what was agreed upon. Additionally, business owners want to make sure you’re following the written agreement as well.