Everyone wants or should want to develop and maintain big relationships. Whether you’re trying to start a relationship with insurance carriers, agents, adjusters or property managers, the best practices are those not practiced by everyone else with the same goal.

The Standard Promise:

“We will provide your clients with a superior service, treat them with integrity, and greet them with a smile” is a statement that sounds lovely, but it’s like selling the power steering on a new car. Having something to differentiate your company from the competition will drive the conversation in the right direction.

A Value Proposition:

Transparency is something that’s easy to believe in but often difficult to deliver without the proper tools. Something like DASH View allows you to guarantee transparency while having a tangible tool to demonstrate in person. A marketing rep carrying an iPad into an adjuster’s office ready to demonstrate DASH View creates a lasting first impression.

A Workflow to Be Proud Of:

Transparency alone is respectable. When coupled with a consistent and measurable workflow, it’s simply powerful. The Compliance Manager and Work Flow Builder available through DASH will help you create automated standard operating procedures for each division of your company. Using a tool like the Compliance Manager allows you to not only promise a high standard of work, but also pull historical data on the fly verifying your claim.

Imagine walking into a meeting with an insurance company and being able to pull your workflow stats that adhere to their program metrics. DASH powered by Next Gear Solutions can help differentiate your company for a more successful business development campaign.