The business landscape is increasingly competitive. In today’s digital world, this very often means ensuring you’re staying current with the latest technological trends. Sadly, many restoration companies still rely on very outdated ways of running their organization.

The cloud is one of the most revolutionary technologies to hit the enterprise world recently, and it’s allowing companies that adapt to it to take a serious competitive edge over others in their industry. So what can a cloud-based job management platform bring to your restoration company?

Better data management of current and potential customers

“Every business relationship needs to have a personal aspect to it.”

The restoration industry is relationship driven. One of the best ways to make your customers feel special is by utilizing a restoration CRM tool to keep you track of key details about them. Every business relationship needs to have a personal aspect to it in order to be successful. However, keeping up with every bit of information about all the people you run into while running your company is extremely hard. This is especially relevant for people who aren’t currently clients, but very well could be in the near future.

Keeping notes about current and potential clients in the cloud ensures that you’ll never lose track of them. Knowing who they are and what makes them tick without having to ask makes you seem well-informed and on top of your business.

Increase effectiveness through a mobile solution

If you’re one of the 66 percent of contractors that own a smartphone, then you know how important the mobile aspect of your business is. Having the ability to capture job information in real-time is an incredibly powerful, especially when it comes to fulfilling the wants and needs of your clients.

One of the greatest benefits of the cloud is that information can be moved and accessed instantaneously. Job management software based in the cloud and engineered to optimize mobile solutions enables you to stay informed, regardless of where you’re working.

Next Gear’s DASH has all of this and more

Restorers looking to edge out the competition simply can’t do better than the cloud-based DASH Enterprise restoration management platform. This software enables you to keep strict notes about clients through the Contact Manager feature, while also ensuring timely completion of projects through the built-in calendar function. On top of that, DASH has a specifically designed mobile solution that can help make sure you have access to your most important information while on the job site.

To find out what else DASH can do to help you stay competitive in the marketplace, contact sales team today.