If you are about to implement a Job Management Software as a Restoration Contractor it is important to focus on managing the change just as much as the new software. Significant change in any organization can be disruptive if not handled correctly.

How to manage change:

Start with WHY. Make sure everyone understands why the change is happening and what is in it for them and the company.
Don’t downplay the change or oversell it. Manage expectations and talk through what your staff can expect.
Address people’s fears. Most people fear they will be left behind when change happens. Make sure your staff believes they will have the tools necessary to make the change successfully.
Move forward and don’t look back. Once you make the decision to change, going backwards cannot be an option.
Find and develop cheerleaders. Find a thought leader in each department who can cheer on the people around them. Keep them involved with the transition and help them lead others to success.

If you are about to implement Restoration Management Software make sure you focus on the change that you are about to experience. Don’t hide from the change—embrace it so that everyone has the best chance of thriving after the transition.