Dealing with change is something with which most people and organizations struggle. Even the most change-resilient companies struggle when big change is required. As someone who has been helping Restoration Contractors with change for over 10 years, I have come to see a few themes in companies that were able to deal with change successfully.

Start with Why

Most companies that don’t manage change well forget to explain to their staff why the change is necessary. Spending time discussing why your restoration company is making a big change will help people deal with the challenges all change can bring.

Set Expectations

Most companies underestimate the process. They expect that a switch can be flipped and the change will magically happen. The truth is most changes are difficult no matter how well planned. Set expectations with your staff so they understand the change will not be easy but that it will get easier with time.

Focus on the Positive

During the change process it is easy to focus on the negative. A change in a restoration company can bring lots of positives, but it will be the negative aspects onto which many will hold. Make an effort to keep the focus on the positive aspects of the change. Acknowledge and deal with the negative, but don’t allow people to focus on it.

This advice applies to any sort of change on which a restoration company might embark, changing or adding Restoration Management Software included. Restoration companies spend most of their time looking for better ways to manage water mitigation, mold remediation, and fire cleaning from a technical perspective, but when it comes to Restoration Management Software or CRM software for Restoration some companies don’t see the need to change or to keep up with progressing technology. Restoration Industry Leaders do see the need for Restoration Management Software, they see and reap the benefits to keeping up with the changing technological world, and they see the need use that software to streamline their processes to make their businesses more efficient and employees accountable. Next Gear Solutions uses DASH to help its clients manage the change that is sweeping the industry.