Having proper documentation is critical to the restoration business and there is no better software on the market for documenting and maintaining documents than DASH. The cloud-based software tracks everything that matters to a job and its clients.

There are many more benefits to properly documenting the job, such as having everything stored in a central location that is remotely accessible from the back office or in the field. This process can also assist a business with customer service. By showing a high attention to detail and a great amount of professionalism storing and referring to notes or important documents, a business will show its customers how much the company cares.

Learn how DASH can help a business take better notes, and what benefits detailed digital documentation can have.

A necessary task
Taking notes is not always the most appreciated task from workers, especially while working in cluttered conditions or operating machinery. Yet it is vital to track all the work that is being done, the type of equipment being used and any other information relevant to the project, Fast Company explained. With the DASH native mobile app, there’s no need to write or even type your notes down when all you need to do is talk your notes into DASH.

“Notes, as well as photos, can be uploaded to DASH instantaneously.”

Notes, as well as photos, can be uploaded to DASH quickly and easily. Project managers can review work and monitor how resources are being used, and clients can measure the efficiency of their project. Most important of all, when a project is completed, having detailed notes and important documents stored in the same place can help clarify any questions between a customer and a restoration business. A company that guarantees every relevant piece of information has been recorded can notify its customers: If it’s not in DASH, then it never happened.

All of the people a restoration company works with, from clients to insurance companies, will reap the benefits of propererly documenting the mitigation process. It improves transparency and builds confidence that a restoration company is doing its job well. DASH keeps and sorts every document so that a business can have it on-hand when it is needed most.

Saves money in the end
Not only is having detailed notes critical to each job, it saves money in the end. Proper documentation goes a long way to saving money for a business, and DASH makes saving and documenting notes easier than ever.

With DASH, notes, photos, important job statuses are uploaded to the cloud instantaneously. That way, important job information moves in real time, keeping everyone involved in the “know”.

Taking notes, looking for notes & filing notes takes time and effort, but having them documented digitally directly from the field in real-time with DASH can drastically reduce that time and save you money. Detailed descriptions of what a company is doing will benefit the company’s customers and most importantly, its bottom line.