Every restoration project requires on-going documentation, which means the amount of data that needs to be captured and stored for each job is considerable. Often times restoration companies who are not utilizing a claims management platform means they are most likely capturing and storing their data through a patchwork of systems. This is not only inefficient and costly to manage, but also poses a serious security risk. With cyber crime growing at an alarming rate, companies in every industry need to mitigate the impact “data sprawl” can have on their organization. However, there exists simple and agile ways to keep your company’s data secure and easier to manage. Let’s look at a few solutions that can help your company reduce the risk of data sprawl.

“A major problem a lot of organizations have is data sprawl.”

Keep information within a singular platform

Information and data now moves at breakneck speed, managing it without a claims management platform means having to store that data in multiple siloes and endpoints. For example, employee A may have notes about a job on his phone, while Employee B has taken handwritten notes for a particular project. Once back in the office, they may be entering that information into an internal file system or spreadsheet. This makes the management of important job information an absolute nightmare, as managers have to navigate multiple endpoints and systems to track the data.

The first step toward reducing the risk of data sprawl is managing your company data into a single platform. Cloud based job management platforms helps consolidate your data, making it more cost effective to manage. That’s why so many restoration companies rely on DASH Enterpriseto help with this issue. It allows workers and claims stakeholders to track and capture important job information into a single location, while also ensuring the data remains secure and accessible anywhere at anytime.

You should place a heavy emphasis on scheduling.
Staying organized is the cornerstone to creating an efficient work environment.

Ensure your data can survive employee turnover

Labor is a constant challenge within the restoration industry and it can be compared to musical chairs as workers can be quite transient. This causes companies having to manage employee turnover. This is especially true for younger generations, as Construction Dive’s Sharon O’Malley reported that turnover for those under the age of 26 was around 38 percent in that space as of late 2014. While so much change may just be the nature of the beast, a major problem arises when disgruntled employees walk away with important information about a particular project or client.

This is yet another reason contractors should be keeping all their critical customer information in the cloud. A feature like DASH’s Contact Manager helps companies consolidate important customer information into a single place. What’s more, DASH’s group security functionality allows administrators to easily manage employee privileges and visibility within the system, or even cut off access to employees who are leaving the company.

DASH helps keep your company information secure and easy to manage. Although your employees are your biggest asset, they can also be a major liability. DASH holds employees accountable for their actions while on the job, and doing so is a lot easier when you’re working with a platform as robust as DASH Enterprise.