If you run multiple offices as a restoration contractor, you know how difficult it can be to manage every single compliance tasks within all your locations. Your priorities might be intact, but it’s actually easy to let one simple compliance task slip through the cracks.

In this industry, a single oversight or delay can quickly add to overall cost of the job or even make a client unhappy. Instead, restorers have to stay on top of each job tasks and details as it arises. No matter how small or big the job is, restoration contractors have to be sure tasks are completed on time.

Typical compliance tasks will include contacting the customer within a prescribed time frame, arriving on-site within a certain amount of time, uploading initial loss pictures and submitting a 48-hour inspection report. When not completed on time, these tasks can negatively impact your business.

Here are a few ways to close the gaps on your restoration job management:

1. Automate your processes with technology
More often than not, failure to recognize a compliance task that is due means other important jobs tasks can also slip through the cracks or won’t get done on time. Claims management can become extremely cumbersome and even more so when you add multiple office locations and different compliance managers on the team. However, DASH takes the business of restoration and streamlines it with a robust workflow builder, which helps automate your compliance processes.

By simplifying your processes, fewer jobs will slip past you.
By simplifying your processes, fewer jobs tasks will slip past you.

By using a platform that is specifically created for restoration job management such as DASH, you can create company wide accountability and greatly enhance communications with DASH’s unique features. Additionally, DASH provides restorers with simple notifications to help them understand what tasks need to be completed with an associated timeframe when that task is due.

2. Choose technology that is scalable
There’s no doubt that technology has come a long way in the restoration industry. In fact, staying abreast of all the changes within restoration compliance and claims handling can be difficult for restorers. According to Restoring Success, the new way restorers are staying compliant is by adopting technology to help them more easily manage all their tasks.

However, adopting a platform like DASH which is scalable guarantees ROI as your company grows and becomes more successful at managing more claims. With unlimited users and unlimited data, DASH can efficiently scale to fulfill staffing changes when handling CAT losses. Additionally, DASH cloud based structure removes any internal IT costs that quickly add up.

3. Harness the power of mobile technology
DASH provides the most advanced mobile solution for the restoration industry. DASH Mobile moves tasks typically done at the office and moves them into the field, while increasing accuracy and productivity. This provides real-time information to all parties involved and clears up communication channels throughout an organization.