For owners of a restoration business, figuring out the correct time to expand the company and increase operations can be complicated. Several different factors go into expansion, from acquiring new customers to staffing challenges. For the process to go smoothly, companies need to have access to vital business intelligence in order to effectively grow their business.

DASH can help a business determine the right strategy for growth. With the tools to study profit margins and track employee accountability, company growth is made easier through cloud-based management software. Before making the decision to grow the business, review vital information through DASH. Knowing what type of staff to add or the resources that a company will need to achieve its desired growth can help guide business owners to make the right choices.

Battle for Business
Finding the right workers for a job will become tougher than ever, just because of supply and demand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the number of workers in the construction sector has remained steady throughout all of 2015. The unemployment rate for that part of the workforce was 5.5 percent in September, the same as it was in July. Yet if more businesses are looking to add jobs, there may be a shortage of workers.

“Ninety-five percent of companies say contingent workers are vital to their business.”

According to an annual survey from Ardent Partners, business is strong for the non-permanent workforce, called contingent workers. Ninety-five percent of companies say contingent workers are vital to their business, and 70 percent of business leaders are looking to increase their use of that segment of the workforce.

Rob Brimm, president of Fieldglass, said that data on contingent workers shows the challenges restoration businesses may face if they are looking to expand.

“As business cycles tighten, competition stiffens and globalization pressures increase, organizations must leverage talent as a critical differentiating factor,” Brimm said. “Companies that are leading the way today take a holistic view of work and the best way to get it done, regardless of whether that’s through a full-time employee, contractor or a project team.” Using cloud-based software to assist in the hiring process and guide company growth will benefit all involved.

Value of the Cloud
Technology such as DASH can lead a restoration business to the growth it is looking for, while surviving the potential problems all companies may face. The software reviews jobs and can help a company identify the type of employees it needs to hire, so resources are not wasted bringing in people incapable of doing the work. At the same time, the system’s scheduling and calendar feature informs business owners of what projects are coming up, so that they can plan ahead and add more staff if needed.

By tracking common data points that indicate how well the business is doing, DASH can also be a tool within job management. Given how tough the market may be to secure an extra pair of hands, being able to examine a task and create an immediate workflow task-sheet for every employee saves time. Problems are easier to resolve when everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing and who they should report to.

There is no tool that can tell the owner of a restoration business the exact right time to expand. But given the current marketplace and how tough competition will be to acquire the needed workers, software such as DASH can give enough data that leaders can make educated decisions on the future of their company.