There are many moving pieces for all disaster restoration projects, which means people can drop the ball, and communication can suffer at every turn. When communication falters, it causes unnecessary problems and stress for you, your staff, and partners, and most importantly, your customers. One of the best ways to improve communication internally and externally is through better restoration job scheduling. Likewise, better communication leads to better scheduling.

During any restoration project, managing expectations and communicating correctly with all parties involved can be tough, but it’s the most critical factor for project management success. And with the right restoration job scheduling software, you can easily let everyone know when they’re supposed to work, what and who they need to bring, and how you expect them to complete the job.  


Types of Job Scheduling Communication for Restoration Business

Two types of job scheduling communication deserve attention. The first is the internal communications of your office, and the second is the external communications with customers and insurance agents and adjusters. It is critical to make sure everyone is on the same page, job status updates are communicated, and documentation is organized and delivered at the right time.

It’s easy to see why real-time communication is essential, but it’s a little more challenging to know precisely how you go about improving communication during restoration projects. Here are just a couple of tips to improve the way your team communicates to streamline the job scheduling process for your restoration business:

Water Damage Mobile Device

Real-Time Job Communication Through Mobile

Be sure that your team is clear on what you expect of them and then make sure they have the tools to do the job. By leveraging mobile restoration apps, restoration companies can easily share valuable information and connect internal and external claims participants in real-time.

Mobile technology allows project managers the ability to communicate to technicians exact job requirements and expectations of the job as well as talk to the client about what they can expect.

As we continue to see more frequent and severe weather events, restoration companies need to be prepared to respond rapidly when disaster strikes. Because of these challenges, today’s employees expect to have full access to real-time, contactless information at a moment’s notice. Mobile technology enables companies to keep their employees and customers well-connected and informed at all times.

Maximize Efficiency with Job Scheduling Software

The restoration business is all about efficiency. Customers who need restoration contractors for mitigation or reconstruction purposes have just suffered a loss and want their lives returned to normal as quickly as possible. A massive challenge for restoration companies is the need to manage both homeowner expectations and carrier pricing service requirements. That means doing quality work within a preset financial and scheduling time frame. More than ever, restoration companies need to optimize their business to maximize efficiency.

In today’s world, this often means investing in a cloud-based restoration job scheduling software system to streamline business operations and increase scalability. More importantly, the job management software also needs a fully-fledged mobile application to enable real-time data acquisition for field workers and, now more than ever, your customers.

Messy Paperwork

Use Technology to Level up Job Scheduling

The restoration industry is too complex to leave essential matters like job scheduling to just pen and paper or the human brain. Multiple job sites, different loss types, remote staff, a variety of schedules to accommodate, reporting requirements, diverse clients with a variety of needs and desires. Without technology to organize everything, it can be impossible to manage all the information coming at you or rely on your mental hard drive to track and sort it all. However, using mobile job management tools free up space on your mental hard drive and cut out the cumbersome paper. Workflow managers keep you organized by better managing your time and priorities. When you improve the workflow process and automate task management, you increase productivity and ultimately free up time. These improvements lead to reduced stress, happier staff, and loyal customers. Sounds nice, huh? Keep reading.

Join the Mobile Workforce

Great job scheduling software needs to be more than just a cloud-based platform. Specifically, in this day and age, it needs to be available on mobile with a fully native application. Believe it or not, worldwide, more people now own a cell phone than a toothbrush, and flexible working has become the “new normal.”

Even before we were forced to work from home due to a global pandemic, field workers benefited immensely from accessing important functionalities and job information on mobile. Managing resources and completing essential tasks on the go allows them to communicate better with the office staff. Allowing them to capture or complete important information through the app in real-time allows for greater data integrity. Keeping everyone informed is the best way to optimize operations and doing so is infinitely more accessible with a cloud-based job management platform that works wherever you go.

Carry All Job Scheduling Information in Your Pocket

It simply doesn’t make sense today to carry stacks of manilla folders and paper from home to a job or job to job to keep information organized. Nor does it make sense to confine your job information to the limitations of a filing cabinet. Job scheduling software is powerful, allowing you to carry every detail of every job with you always. Instead of thumbing through folders or making repeated phone calls to locate or verify a critical piece of job information, search for a job file all in a matter of seconds.

You must stay organized. With mobile job management software, your office is there wherever you go, and you become more independent.

Constant Communication is Key to Retaining Restoration Customers

When you are on the go, there is often perceived downtime due to the nature of travel. Having restoration job scheduling software that is just as mobile as you helps to cut down on downtime, making you much more efficient and competitive. Organizing your team and responding to customers can now be achieved quickly, with minimal effort. From sending job communications, scheduling reminders, communicating job schedules, speaking into your device to record a job note on the fly – it can all be done quickly and effortlessly, no matter where the road takes you.

ProAssist for Dash - Next Gear Solutions

Flexible Job Scheduling on the Web or Mobile

What’s everyone doing on their phones? Well, 90% of mobile time is spent on apps. The average smartphone owner uses 30 apps each month. We use our phones at work, at home, on the street, while we’re eating, in bed, and even in our cars. You might be reading this from a mobile device right now.

In today’s world, restoration job management software must work seamlessly between web and mobile. It would be best if you had the full power and functionality of the web with the flexibility and mobility of an app. A reliable job management software system with both web and mobile functionality will increase your efficiency and productivity with all your professional efforts.

Restoration Job Scheduling Software to the Rescue

When communications break down between restoration companies and their clients, emotions escalate, and problems are compounded. Sharing digital documentation is a critical part of communicating as it keeps everyone on the same page with undisputed facts.

A cloud-based job scheduling software program can be a crucial element of improved communications improving overall efficiency. By providing your employees with the right training, resources, and tools to communicate effectively, you can avoid issues and conflicts and focus on improving relationships to grow your restoration business.

The right tools can foster communication when access to information is simple and readily available. Restoration job scheduling software like DASH provides all the stakeholders of a restoration project instant access from their mobile devices or laptops to view job information in real-time. DASH puts important job updates, photos, notes, and documents at your fingertips at all times.

With ProAssist for DASH, you can even ask your clients to upload photos of the damage, track your arrival, and submit 5-star reviews, all from the device that never leaves their sight, their smartphone.


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