In today’s construction and restoration industry, there’s no time like the present to adopt new technology to allow your business a competitive edge. Technology can seem overwhelming and like too much work for several restorers out there, but there are plenty of reasons why you should have an open mind to technological trends.

Here are four technological trends restorers should pay close attention to within their industry:

1. Going paperless with your business offices
Adopting a paperless mentality to your business is more than just a “Green Initiative” to get your company be more sustainable. While saving trees through less paper usage is a great process to adopt, it also helps your business stay more organized and streamlined, Tech Vibes reported.

For restoration contractors, going paperless can completely revolutionize your company. By using a restoration-specific software system like DASH, you can file and keep all your different jobs, contracts, insurance forms and other paper documents filed cleanly and neatly within one cloud-based system.

Restoration contractors know the industry is constantly evolving with new rules and regulations for each type of job site. With the continuous changes, restorers have to organize their files efficiently, as one lost document could derail an entire job. Paperless offices should be highly considered for any restorer looking for a competitive advantage.

Making the transition to a paperless office is an essential trend to follow in the restoration industry.
Making the transition to a paperless office is an essential trend to follow in the restoration industry.

2. Make cloud software the staple of your business

At every business’s core, there are many things throughout the day that waste time and affect overall productivity. For restorers, this can lead to delayed jobs, poor performance scores, loss of potential work volume and vendor programs.

What would be the financial impact to your business should you lose a job or worse lose a vendor program? Managing everything from the cloud could make life much easier. In fact, cloud computing is one of the best ways for you to put your communication systems and strategies on autopilot and spend more time getting jobs completed.

When it comes down to it, you need happy customers, and that becomes much more difficult to achieve when issues surrounding your lines of communication aren’t addressed in time. However, with DASH cloud-based software, your communication strategy is with you at all times, so you can consistently please your customers with easy-to-access information for their job and updated pictures on how the work is being completed.

3. Providing unique customer portals
At the same, you need to allow your customers to reach out to you and sign any documents or view specific status updates wherever they are located. Working in the cloud allows you to create customer portals for them to review job updates, photo albums, contracts and job milestones through a password-protected environment.

“Creating custom portals is essential to having the highest level of customer service.”

Storing this information in an all-in-one cloud environment is a great way to keep your clients updated in real time. For several restoration businesses, customer portals are a technology trend that is likely sticking around for the long term as many clients find these cloud-based gateways easy to use and convenient.

Keeping your clients satisfied should be at the top of your list of concerns, and creating a custom portal environment for those working with you is necessary to have the highest level of customer service.

4. Staying mobile
Mobility is a ‘must have’ for most businesses, and for restorers, it’s critical to adopt this major trend. Having mobile devices to run your business is not only efficient, but it makes everyone’s job easier with simple connectivity for communication, file sharing and job updates, innovation and idea management firm and platform Vocoli suggested.

“[With] changing corporate cultures, remote workers, and social media, the lines between personal and professional contacts are blurred more and more these days,” the source stated. “Your employee’s phone contacts and address books are already synced to their personal phones. It’s just easier to stick with that device than to transfer that information to a new phone.”

Mobile connections with systems like DASH allow restorers to synchronize their information across multiple platforms, so crews are never disconnected from important information. Adopting this trend is critical to stay up to date within the restoration industry and to get a competitive advantage.