Extreme weather events such as tornadoes, floods, fires, and hurricanes can strike at any time and are occurring more often. These weather events pose significant challenges for property restoration businesses. For owners and managers of who haven’t yet prepared their restoration game plan, now is the time to get started. Here are a few tips to help you prepare effectively:

1. Get your restoration business organized.

Operational improvement is a necessity for any business, especially as the country is seeing more and more large scale natural disasters. But achieving these improvements can be a tough pill to swallow, especially if you’re busy just keeping up with day-to-day business.

Integrating basic workflow improvements to your CAT response planning will make sure you and your team can compete effectively for property restoration jobs during the severe weather season. Improvements to operations, as well as client and team communication, along with the implementation of digital documentation tools will make your busy season profitable – and feel like a breeze.

It’s time to integrate basic improvements like job management software to make sure you and your team can compete in the digital era. Digitizing documents, photos and signatures doesn’t just make them easier to share and speed up the payment process. It also helps you keep everything in the right place, so you always know how and where to find it.

Read our blog post to make sure that your team’s CAT response planning is good to go for any upticks in service requests.

2. Stay up to date with Restoration Trends.

Even with the best preparation, life can still throw you curve balls! Unexpected events can have unexpected effects that ripple throughout the industry (like an intense demand for lumber in 2020 and 2021).

With that in mind, it’s important to know what’s going, both globally and locally. And that means not only getting info, but the right kind of info. Stay informed about restoration trends so that you and your team can stay up to date, making sure you can better lead your business—particularly in the context of the severe weather that’s growing more unpredictable every year.

3. Keep your restoration team educated and prepared.

Make sure your team has access to tools and resources to do their jobs as well as possible, and you’ll reduce the odds of being taken disastrously off guard by a particularly severe weather season.

That means offering a supportive work culture, as well as supporting employees in their pursuit of information and career advancement. Helping them pursue IICRC continuing education credits, for instance, not only helps support worker satisfaction, but makes sure your business is better prepared for any unexpected events that may come your way.

Learn how creating a team development plan can hugely impact retention, company culture and overall morale.

4. Get your contacts in order.

Make sure you’re not scrambling to locate someone at the worst possible moment. Taking the time to revisit and update your list of contacts can help make sure that every client, customer, vendor, insurer and other partner you may need during a busy time is within easy reach.

Beyond averting catastrophe during a crisis, implementing a system to manage your contacts can also help empower your team, and help them focus. To that end, our experts recommend using a tool that can not only organize your contacts, but also prioritize them by value. Utilizing a specialized CRM gives you access to even more tools, like instant reminders to let you know when to follow up.

Read our blog The CRM Buyers Guide to learn how a CRM can help give your restoration business the power to build better relationships and drive sales.

5. Seize the potential of constant communication.

Even a mild weather event can lead to extended periods of outages, downed power lines or other disruptions. And every moment of downtime compromises your ability to communicate with and coordinate your team, and to fulfill your obligations to customers.

Technology exists to help make sure your team is synced even when the local network goes down. Often, the same technology can be used to track arrivals, as well as instantly and securely share photos, documents, digital signatures and other essential items. And remember, failing to take advantage of these tools means leaving yourself vulnerable to better-connected, tech-savvier competitors.

Read our blog How to Manage Job Scheduling on the Go and give your business the advantage of instant, constant, and secure communications with solutions like CoreLogic® Restoration | Engage™ (formerly ProAssist).

6. Track your restoration equipment.

With severe weather, it is vital to have your restoration equipment ready to go at any given moment. You may even be considering investing in more equipment to handle more hurricanes forecasted this summer. 

Since equipment can be in place for days at a time (think: fans and dehumidifiers at water damage sites), it’s easy to leave certain pieces behind. Losing track of equipment can be disastrous, though, halting or preventing the ability to complete a job when demand is through the roof. Not to mention, restoration equipment amounts to thousands — if not tens of thousands — of dollars in investments.

To protect your investments and to ensure your ability to handle increased demand this summer, you need an effective asset management process. Read our blog Effective Restoration Equipment Tracking to learn how equipment tracking software can help you easily track and control your inventory.

7. Staff up before a busy season.

Even with an organized process for completing jobs in place, you still may need to staff up to handle the demand that comes with an uptick in storms. The best way to do this is to utilize the resources you already have.

Make sure your website is primed for candidates to easily find your job listings. Make it easy for candidates to apply directly through your website, and even better if they can do it from their phones. Social media can be another powerful tool for recruiting. Do a little research on the social media platforms that are most popular among your audience, and post there. 

Engage your existing employees to discover people in their circles who are looking for restoration jobs. We spend a huge chunk of our time at work, so your employees probably know plenty of people who work in the same field. Set up a referral incentive program and ask your present employees to refer people they know to your restoration company.

Read our blog Recruitment Strategies for the Restoration Industry for more tips on how to staff up for busy season.

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We can help you prepare your property restoration business for severe weather

Whether you’re looking for a Job Management Software, a CRM platform, or a Job Communication solution, CoreLogic has the tools to help you get your restoration business prepared for increased job assignments due to severe weather. Contact us today to learn how our solutions can best help you achieve your goals.

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