LinkedIn has become a go-to tool for many businesses for keeping up with what is going on with different companies, professionals, and professional groups. While social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are great to use for promoting your restoration company, it is easy to miss your target audience there. LinkedIn allows you to connect with the people who really matter and have a voice with the company or person you are trying to connect with. Here are some tips to help optimize your LinkedIn page and to get more views!

1. Have a keyword-rich company overview page. This will be the first thing that users see when they navigate to your page, and it will serve as a useful marketing tool when people search for information on LinkedIn. Put all services that you offer on this page, and don’t forget things like “free estimates” and other items that exemplify your great customer service.

2. Don’t forget about keywords in your status updates. Thanks to the new status update feature, you can easily add key words that are going to catch the eye of your followers. The more you post, the more it will show on their feeds. Just make sure that you are putting up content that is relevant and not just filler. Tips of the day or other knowledge-based items help keep your name in front of them, can provide, a service, and don’t annoy other users.

3. Take advantage of Target Service Pages. One tool that is often overlooked is the ability to create targeted pages for your individual products and services. This allows you to post links directly to your website and to videos that customers can use. Think of all the different profit centers your companies have– there are plenty of things that you can push in these service pages!

The sooner you start to implement these strategies for your restoration company the sooner you start to reap the benefits. Don’t forget to also use software like DASH to track your ROI so you know where you’re getting your jobs. Utilize social media as much as you can, and just think of all the referrals that you are going to start to get!