The heightened need for insurance compliance has pushed restoration contractors to become more transparent than ever before. In this hyper connected society, consumers are ever more discerning and skeptical about companies. This expectation for transparency has gone beyond the social realm and is embedded in businesses across all industries. This demand for transparency has never been more important to a successful business model. The days of chasing paper, carrying file folders, or logging information on spreadsheets are becoming obsolete. No longer can companies afford to reshape information, or bury it in filing cabinets for no one to access or see. It is no longer viable in this new era of consumers to operate without some form of transparency. The only way to build trust and brand loyalty is to avoid playing the shell game with your data. DASH Enterprise was designed to create more accountable and transparent restoration contractors.

Here are 3 ways to build more trust and transparency for your restoration company.

1. Store in the clouds
With all the liability restoration contractors face with mitigating losses, maintaining a strong chain of custody is vital. However, managing that paper trail can be quite cumbersome without cloud-based technology such as DASH. By tracking and storing important job information in DASH, such as loss address, a signed work authorization form, important loss photos, job notes, estimates, etc., companies can better manage and navigate that risk. Let DASH Enterprise help you cut out wasted time and money on administrative duties that can be facilitated by cloud technology. Additionally, by securely storing all important job information in the cloud, you will avoid losing or misplacing documents that can save you, should you ever face litigation.

2. Transparent Marketing with DASH View
Does your company receive multiple calls from adjusters, property managers, and homeowners looking for information on specific jobs? Why waste precious administrative time and money burying job information in file folders that use up resources and need to be filed manually? What if we told you we could change that problem and ultimately save you time and money? Let DASH View become your free virtual assistant. Through its secure web link, customers can remain informed on important job updates, loss photos, production notes, and documents. Keep everyone updated in real-time by promoting transparency and brand loyalty, which improves customer service and will ultimately drive more business through the door.

3. Improve communication in real time
Don’t create bottlenecks. Move information at the speed of now. In today’s age, field crews need information in real time to stay competitive. Having your whole team and offices connected through DASH will greatly streamline your restoration process and cut down on time wasted tracking information. DASH Enterprise removes the guesswork by adding accountability and transparency to your business. Start building trust and brand loyalty. Write your own success story with DASH.