As the owner of a restoration business, odds are you don’t spend a lot of hours in the office. Fixing damaged properties and rebuilding them back to a pre-loss state occupies the majority of your schedule. Meeting with clients and dealing with sub-contractors can also be time consuming. When it comes down to it, handling losses doesn’t allow much time for sitting behind a desk or filling out spreadsheets on the computer.

To be successful in the industry, it is important to have access to a mobile office that can go where you go. By having the ability to complete important job and compliance tasks from the field is critical in the restoration industry. Bring the power of DASH Enterprise out into the field in a whole new way. Real time documentation has never been easier, making a massive impact to sales, marketing, field production, and back office administration. Our industry is changing. Information must move from the field to the office and to the client in seconds, not hours or days.

Review the following tips to learn what necessities you must have when leveraging your mobile device in order to take your work with you, wherever that may be.

Have the proper tools
As PC World wrote, you can’t let being away from the office prevent you from accomplishing important work. And just as you wouldn’t try to repair pipes without a wrench, or cut floorboards without a saw, you shouldn’t rely on a patchwork of digital solutions to manage your claims. You want to avoid using multiple applications when trying to schedule your teams, track your inventory or document your moisture readings. Next Gear Solutions, knowing the needs of restoration contractors intimately, embarked on a project to change the way restoration contractors document, track, organize, and manage their day-to-day business. As a result of this project DASH Enterprise was created. By having the right tool to accomplish every single task you need completed both at your desk and on the job site, DASH gives you the ability to be a much more efficient business leader. Acquiring these tools before you begin working remotely will make it easier to conduct business through your mobile device.

Mobile office for restoration
Utilizing your smartphone and tablet as a mobile office can make a restoration business more efficient.

Being in the cloud
Having your business run through cloud-supported software makes working remotely through your smartphone a faster and more efficient. The cloud is perfect for business owners who want a lot done in a short amount of time, as it allows employees to connect with management in a quick and efficient manner, share data, update job notes and pass along vital information to those who need it.

Cloud software is accessible from anywhere as long as there is access to the internet. It can also be accessed by multiple users simultaneously, a huge advantage to having a mobile office. If you are working on a project at one location, and co-workers are working on a different restoration project somewhere else, you can review documents and monitor progress on all projects through the cloud. A mobile office that isn’t in the cloud won’t have the same reach or be as efficient as one that is.

Share your updates with your customers
Promote your mobility by informing customers, business partners, and anyone else that job statuses are being updated in real time. Next Gear developed Client Connect specifically for that purpose. Client Connect is exactly what it sounds like. It is a platform that connects clients to your operations, which will help allow for more transparency. That, along with free flowing data has become more and more important in the restoration industry. Clients want to be more integrated into how you do business and that is what Client Connect offers.