Generally speaking, restoration contractors simply want to perform the best job possible in the least amount of time. Having claims participants on different levels of communication could cause serious setbacks that cost money and create delays in the claim lifecycle. To ensure you’re on the right path with your restoration project, you need to better manage expectations by providing claims stakeholders real time claim information. By keeping the lines of communication open you will increase efficiency and overall satisfaction. It’s about keeping everyone in the know about the project’s progress with your clients.

Juggling multiple tasks at once
It’s not uncommon for restoration contractors to be called to manage expectations, timelines, budgets and other things that affect the project. Throughout a restoration project, restoration contractors often juggle several jobs, employees, documents and deadlines. Having the tools or systems to properly manage expectations from the onset is critical to ensuring restoration projects go smoothly.

“Sharing vital information in real time will greatly increase the trust factor.”

Insurance claims are not easy projects to manage. In order to prevent precious delays and irate customers, increasing communications and sharing vital information in real time will greatly increase the trust factor which has a direct impact on the overall satisfaction level of the process. Nowadays, Carriers expect more transparency in claims process.

Increase communication
One way restoration contractors to improve customer satisfaction and overall success of any restoration project is to ensure they are on the same page with the building owner. Many times, communication gets lost between restoration contractors and building owners. One way of resolving this is by driving all your communications and job management to the clouds.

Managing expectations can be tricky while in the field, but as a restorer, you have to be on top of each job. With DASH Enterprise, you not only are able to stay mobile with your claims management software, but you can also stay in better communication with your customers through the DASH client portal log-in. This will allow customers to be updated in real time, which will only build better trust between you and your clients.