Restoration Contractors are really companies who focus on Restoration Management, as they are responsible for restoring all types of property, generally insurance driven, but also for dealing with the documentation and the rules of the insurance companies. Running a company that focuses on the restoration of property can be separated into two halves: technical and business. The technical side deals with the science behind water mitigation, fire damage cleaning, mold remediation, reconstruction, and more. The business side deals with how to execute the technical pieces in a manner that is profitable and sustainable while meeting the ever-changing industry standards.

If you are a restorer, most likely you are constantly looking for a better way to run. Here are a few tips on how to run your restoration company better.

Be Process Driven

Don’t rely on your ability to find superstars who perform well absent of an efficient process. Your ability to grow should not be limited to the people you can hire. If you are process driven, you will always be able to make superstars out of your employees.

Keep it Lean

Don’t build a complicated process that requires a lot of back and forth. Build a process that is lean and requires as few steps as possible to complete. Make sure each step in your process adds value, and remove redundancy.

Get Digital

Move away from paper when ever possible. Use a Job Management System that is web-based and build processes around it. Workflow management, documentation, scheduling, and budgeting are just a few processes that should move away from paper and into the cloud. The ability to manage your business while being mobile is necessary in this changing industry.

The Next Gear Solutions

At Next Gear we focus on helping Restoration Contractors find a better way to run. We offer consulting and training services that range from technical training to process development. We combined our unique knowledge with technology to bring the restoration industry software solutions designed to meet a variety of needs.