Using Restoration Job Management Software to Standardize Processes & Save Money

Every dollar and every minute of the day are valuable commodities for restoration businesses. Finding a way to cut unnecessary expenses or reduce the time it takes to fulfill redundant tasks can make a huge difference to a company’s bottom line and competitive advantage. Adopting restoration job management software specifically designed for restoration work is one effective way to transform your business by standardizing processes and procedures.

Common Challenges Facing the Restoration Space

Many restoration contractors experience similar challenges. In an industry where day-to-day events can be tough to predict, it’s understandable that many businesses have trouble sticking to a formalized system of processes. Yet lack of organization is costly, leading to waste, redundancies, and missed opportunities. It’s also been shown that businesses with formalized sales plans generate more revenue.

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High turnover is also causing problems for many restoration businesses. Loss of productivity caused by periods of interruptions is expensive. Lack of experience or training among new workers is also problematic. Technicians who need to return to job sites to re-collect info slow down projects and make for unhappy customers—a costly unforced error in an industry fueled by positive reviews and referrals.

Because of its need for detailed documentation and customer authorization, much of the restoration industry still works on an informal, ad hoc basis, with contractors manually printing, signing, and faxing documents, photos, and other information. This isn’t just slow; it also costs money via wasted time, delayed assessments, and more frequent process errors.

Technology is a natural solution to many of these problems. But in the past, it’s been a tough sell. Unless it’s intuitive, easy to use, and demonstrates clear value to workers, getting buy-in can be a challenge. And getting a technology solution wrong can make things worse, increasing unhappiness among workers frustrated with a confusing new system that hurts rather than helps their ability to get the job done.

How Restoration Job Management Software Is Meeting the Challenge

Today, technology has advanced to the point where these challenges can be met by engaging rather than alienating workers. Designed specifically for the tasks facing contractors, restoration job management software like DASH by CoreLogic | Next Gear Solutions directly addresses the need for standardization with an interface that’s user-friendly and accessible to everyone on the team, in the office, and in the field.

From equipment and job management to sales and customer relationship management, the best restoration job management software provides a framework for standardizing every aspect of a business in one platform. In doing so, it not only gives employees the framework to do their job to the best of their capabilities but also offers the means to tackle other persistent challenges facing restoration businesses.

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Better organizing and managing data improves visibility and allows business leaders to identify errors and wasteful processes, which can immediately impact their bottom line. Real-time, digital documentation means faster, more accurate estimates, a streamlined approval process, and fewer missed payments. Automated data entry also means fewer errors from manual typing and sending, saving valuable time for busy contractors and enabling more consistent, accurate record keeping.

That saved time can not only boost productivity (and revenue), but help improve job satisfaction among workers and potentially even lower turnover rates. And to further ensure smooth adoption and ongoing success, leading job management solutions like those offered by Next Gear Solutions also provide specialized, role-based employee training to help ensure the success of each partner.

New features for the leading restoration job management software

At CoreLogic | Next Gear Solutions, we understand better than most others the specific challenges facing restoration contractors. To that end, we’ve recently rolled out two new features for our DASH restoration job management software to help solve them: Introducing DASH Checklists and Document Generator.

Checklists in DASH

An easy way to instill best practices and standard processes with little-to-no training required, checklists are a valuable form of job management and a reliable way to ensure every part of a job gets done in the proper sequence, by the right person, at the right time. And now, DASH also offers the option to create new or customized checklists and directly associate them to a specific job file.

With an internally shared, job-specific checklist—one that isn’t written and easily lost but available in real-time as part of a job workflow and always available to those who need it—everyone is on the same page, all the time. That helps ensure consistency and efficiency and can increase customer and worker satisfaction by keeping everyone better informed and engaged in the process.

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In addition to ensuring that a job gets done as efficiently as possible, shared checklists can also help promote better record keeping, which can help boost overall operational oversight and efficiency. And it’s all easy and intuitive—users can simply use pre-loaded checklists or create their own.

See Checklists in DASH Now >

Document Generator in DASH

New in DASH, Document Generator is an easy way to quickly create professional-looking documents, from work authorizations to certificates of satisfaction and many more. Designed to streamline an essential but sometimes challenging aspect of the restoration business workflow, Document Generator makes it simple for anyone to create, share, manage, and sign important documents.

With Document Generator, users can create their files from scratch or a template to be shared throughout the organization. This convenient process saves valuable time while reducing redundancies and minimizing errors. A simple, customer-friendly interface also makes it easy to add logos and images, charts, tables, formulas, signature fields, and more.Document generator screenshots

Once created, documents can be easily shared and electronically signed without sharing devices. In some cases, customers can sign from their own device without an on-site technician visit. Real-time digital updates ensure all participants are working off the most current job information, and alert updates let everyone know a file’s status—no need to keep checking in.

Seamless dissemination of forms is critical to get jobs done faster and helps organizations maintain better record keeping for accounting and regulatory compliance. Better visibility and control over each of these factors means more chances to spot errors, eliminate waste and discover opportunities for the more efficient use of workers and resources.

See Document Generator in DASH Now >

Try the industry’s leading restoration job management software

With these new features rounding out what’s already the most feature-packed restoration job management software on the market, businesses have an effective tool for applying the kind of standardization that saves real time and money. And that’s just the beginning—stay tuned to the Next Gear Solutions blog for more updates to our suite of industry-leading restoration tools in the coming months.

Ready to take a closer look at DASH? Get more info here, or contact us today to set up a consultation with a CoreLogic expert.

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