Using a cloud-based management system has several advantages for a restoration business. The technology allows workers on multiple job sites to access and input information instantaneously. By expanding the information, workers can bring up and review the data at any given time, and work can be done more efficiently. Notes can be shared by coworkers, helping the entire company finish multiple projects simultaneously.

Cloud computing also assists a business improve its customer service. By helping workers save time and money, the technology can be a great asset to people who are eagerly awaiting the restoration of their home, garage, office or any other type of property that needs to be completed. Restoration businesses can use the cloud to their advantage by utilizing all that the software has to offer, including major improvements in assisting customers.

The cloud assists customer engagement
When a business is hard at work on restoring a building, its customers will be anxiously awaiting the completion. Cloud computing gives a business the ability to update customers on the progress of the restoration project as well as update current information on projected completion time and cost. Accessible by any web browser, cloud computing directly connects a customer to the people working on the property. By feeding up-to-date information into the cloud software, a company can let both co-workers and customers know how the project is going.

Seventy-four percent of companies that utilize data for attracting customers have engaged customers.”

The ability to pass along current information improves customer engagement. Customers like to be hands-on and have a strong understanding with the services they are paying for. A person who sees the daily progress on his or her property is more likely to understand when there are setbacks or recommend a business to a friend.

Businesses that perform well in terms of customer engagement will help a company rise above its peers. With so much competition, people expect a company to be responsive, Wired reported. Creating a loyal group of clients is vital to a company’s success, which is why the cloud can make such a difference. By maximizing the cloud’s flexibility and ability to connect instantaneously with users in multiple locations, a company can work with hand in hand with customers to make restorations exactly as clients desire, in a fast and efficient way.

Cloud software helps bring in new clients
Before a project even begins, cloud computing can assist a business in reaching its customers. Software utilized for marketing has the ability to reach the desired audience in more effective ways than word-of-mouth advertising, traditional commercials or print ads. By collecting data on how customers view a business and what specific needs a person has when hiring a restoration company, a business can be better prepared to attract those clients.

A business that uses a data-driven marketing has a large advantage in customer engagement and loyalty over the competition. A 2015 Forbes study found that 74 percent of companies that utilize data for attracting customers have engaged customers, compared to 24 percent that don’t. Additionally, using analytics — which can be created through cloud computing software — helped 55 percent of businesses increase revenues versus their competition.

As more data is collected, a restoration business can deliver greater insights on how to assist customers. Reviewing what customers need helps a company focus its business efforts and attract new clients, while at the same time growing profits. Cloud computing software helps a business collect these insights and attract the customers needed to succeed.