All Restoration Contractors know that customer service is key to their long-term growth. If your current customers are not happy, getting new customers will become harder and harder. Your reputation will catch up with you, and no amount of marketing will solve it.

How can customer satisfaction be known or even tracked?

At Next Gear Solutions, we built DASH knowing that Job Management and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) meant tracking and managing customer service. So we built our Restoration Management Software to manage and track customer satisfaction. More than that, we developed a third party monitoring service that fully integrates into the software. This allows our clients to know what is happening on a job from several perspectives, one being a third party advocate who interacts with customers on a regular basis. This allows for management to catch issues before they are bigger issues, creating more effective ways to ensure customer satisfaction. The value of this cannot be overstated because knowledge is power, and knowing early means less costly fixes.

At Next Gear Solutions we know that managing profit is key to success, but forgetting the customer is key to failure. That is why we did not forget to include a large set of tools for managing and tracking customer satisfaction. Restoration Management Software needs to be Customer-Focused.