More businesses continue to rely on real-time information. Whether it’s job statuses, paper documents or customer information, it pays to have this data readily available in the blink of an eye.

In the past, businesses that worked both in the field and the office often found themselves racing back and forth to obtain information on the job site and through customers. Luckily, technology has advanced enough to allow businesses to work wherever they need to be through cloud-based technology.

By working in the cloud, your business has real time access to claims, documents, client information and job statuses. Additionally, for restoration contractors, this is essential as manning multiple jobs at once can quickly turn into a juggling act between insurance agents, adjusters and customers.

While the cloud certainly helps you improve your business strategy, the technology actually changes the way you do business altogether. What this means is adopting cloud technology doesn’t simply improve your company. Instead, restorers have an bird’s-eye view on critical and permanent data that helps you work more efficiently, Victoria Ivey, a contributor for CIO magazine reported.

“The cloud helps free up more time to spend on your most valuable asset – your customers.”

Spending more time on your partners
The number of people involved on each restoration project can quickly become cumbersome. These groups of people need specific documents from you to continue work, to get paid and to keep clients happy with job status updates. Moving your data to the cloud gives you connection from any mobile device so you can send and receive answers faster in the field, Service Max, a field service management software firm, reported. Additionally, this helps free up more time to spend on your most valuable asset – your customers.

Building a great brand reputation starts with quick, responsive and professional mannerisms that helps your company stand out among the rest. Customers despise feeling like they are left in the dark. But with cloud-based technology, you never have to worry about getting to the office or job site for a specific task. Instead, cloud technology allows you to stay mobile and better connected to all partners involved on your restoration project.

Provide better answers
Another thing customers love in great companies is the ability to respond quickly and with thorough information. With a mobile device, you have all your client data with you where ever you go, Jewel Code, a management software firm, reported.

“DASH gives you accountability through transparency with its cloud-based structure.”

For example, restorers commonly receive panicky emails or phone calls from customers about the restoration job status. With DASH View, restorers can now have the ability to share information with a customer through a secure email link. This link allows the customer to review specifics about the job. This technology allows customers to see real time updates, changes or notifications on each specific job. In the end, you’ll be able to give better and more thorough answers through a cloud-based system like DASH.

Fewer errors and double entry
Working from a centralized database in the cloud gives you the opportunity to be much more accountable from a data perspective. With back and forth travel between job sites and the office, vital information can get lost on paper notes or files. Additionally, you run the risk of double-entry errors with paper filing systems.

However, with the cloud, you see a time stamp for every new entry made to the job’s digital folder. This will help you limit double-entry errors and show partners who is responsible for what data was entered in the first place. Through a single platform, DASH allows restoration crews to provide updated information to prevent excess work as well. With crew job status updates, you’ll be able to plan your jobs more efficiently with the cloud.