It’s not uncommon to see a restoration contractor walk into a flooded structure with a folder full of paper in one hand and a camera in the other. We all know how important documentation is, and DASH provides a better way to run for restoration contractors.

Using mobile apps to document properly and save time:

By using a mobile application that works in conjunction with your job management software, you’re able to quickly add job notes in real time as well as photos. Is this really important? What’s the harm in snapping photos and running them back to the office? Good question… you’ve probably encountered a situation where the job photos were insufficient but you didn’t realize this until the technician had already made his way back to the office or at least away from the job site.

What happens next is for someone to drive back to the job site for additional photos. What about losing the photos altogether… have you ever lost photos because a camera was lost or thrown in the washing machine? DASH utilizes technology allowing photos to be uploaded to your database in real time as they are being taken in the field. This allows you to review photos and alert the person in the field if the photos are not sufficient.

How does this affect your in-house processes?

By using a job management mobile app in conjunction with a cloud-based job management system, you’re able to drastically improve the efficiency of project management, marketing, job costing, etc. Everyone being on the same page is crucial to growth and real time communication flowing through a single data hub leaves little room for miscommunication or uncertainty. DASH Enterprise is elite job management software for restoration contractors and has developed its own downloadable native mobile application.