Typical after hours scenario: your restoration company gets a call in the middle of the night, an emergency water loss was just dispatched. While the call was promptly answered by your employee and they were quick to arrive on-site, the team failed to properly document the loss and left important job information subjected to human memory.

If this scenario was easy to visualize, it probably means that it has happened to you once or twice – if not dozens of times – before. Though it may have worked years ago, trying to track and document jobs the traditional way requires large amounts of brain power, pens, paper forms, printer ink and filing cabinets. This method not only causes the occasional headache, but also contributes to increased levels of stress that comes along with missing or inaccurate job information.

Adopting a job management software can offer immediate benefits to your business. While new technology is often met with resistance because it requires adopting new systems. Having a job management software can make the efficiency and success of your business skyrocket while changing the way you see job management. You can be the best at what you do and the best in the business, but all of that means nothing if you cannot document, track and update important job information in real time directly from the loss site.

Benefits of a Job Management Software

Improved Mobility

Because everything is in one place and accessible by the push of a button, you can check the status of a job whenever and wherever you want. You and the rest of your team can stay up-to-date if something changes, and entering job updates is simple. Documentation is integrated into the workflow at the job site, meaning no more misplaced paperwork.

Job Tracking is Easier

Documentation is essential for tracking the progress and equipment at a job site, and DASH makes it easy to do both. Keep track of all open jobs and make sure you are dedicating the right amount of resources on each job, improving your efficiency. And this information is all accessible anytime, anywhere, and is updated in real-time as your technicians enter data from the job site.

Keep an Eye on Your Staff and Their Progress

The last thing you want is to get a bad review or even get into a predicament with a client because of an employee’s inability to get the job done as soon as possible, complete the proper task, or waited too long to act. A job management software can enable you to check in on any job to make sure it continues to be completed to your standards and allows you intervene before it is too late.

It’s Easier and More Efficient Than a Paper-Based System

While often met with resistance, integrating technology into your existing systems can make your systems more efficient and easier to use. It is easier to access all of your data in one place, and you will no longer have to spend hours tracking down one piece of paper that was filled out weeks ago for one tiny detail. A job management software will make everything more organized and easier to find.

Ultimately, if you want to track jobs more easily, ensure proper documentation is taking place, and have the ability to keep tabs on your business, a job management software may be the solution. Start today with a free demo of DASH.