In order to effectively run a Restoration Company, visibility into job management and marketing is key. Many try to separate job management and marketing as if the two worlds should not meet. At Next Gear Solutions, we built DASH because we believe that Restoration Contractors need powerful job management tools designed to work with power CRM tools. Because when CRM and Job Management flow together, the outcome can’t be beat.

We believe that Restoration Management Software should rest on two main pillars.

Job Management:

Job Management is more than just documentation; it’s workflows, business intelligence, employee scoring, customer service, job costing, and much more. Job Management for Restoration Contractors is the ability to quickly see where everything is and the knowledge that the software is helping your team run more efficiently while holding them accountable. Job Management is about keeping communication flowing, closing jobs faster, and being more profitable. Job Management is about working smarter.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

CRM is a tool that allows a Restoration Contractor to manage information associated with people and companies who can send you business. CRM for Restoration is very different from traditional sales software. Restoration Contractors should be marketing Insurance Agents, Adjusters, and Property Managers. Building and maintaining these relationships are critical for a Restoration Contractor to grow. Understanding and tracking what drives Agents, Adjusters, and Property Managers to send you business is what a good CRM will do.

Effective Job Management and CRM are the two key components of any Restoration Business, and that’s why they are the pillars on which we built DASH.