A New Focus on CRM
Next Gear Solutions is the leader in building job management and relationship management solutions and has been for the last few years. We are most known for DASH Enterprise and its’ ability to streamline the operations of contractors all across North America. However, we have always had a focus on the unique needs of the marketing department and at its core DASH is a CRM built for the Restoration Contractor.

Coming in early July, Next Gear Solutions will launch RestorationCRM. Restoration CRM is a Next Gear product built into DASH. It is the renewing of a commitment to focus on the Customer Relationship Management side of the restoration business while not forgetting that managing the job is key to keeping the customers you attract. RestorationCRM is filled with new CRM software features that rival any CRM on the market. We are confident that RestorationCRM meets and exceeds the needs of a Restoration Contractor and more than that, it was built just for them. No longer are you forced to use other CRM products that were built for other industries and struggle to make it work for Restoration. At Next Gear, we know the Restoration Contractor’s needs and we know that marketing and sales in this industry is unlike any other.

RestorationCRM will bring new and powerful tools to your marketing and sales staff while connecting directly to the most powerful job management system on the market. Now that DASH and RestorationCRM have been merged together, the combination is unmatched and extremely powerful.

For more information on RestorationCRM go to www.RestorationCRM.com or just request a demo. We would love to show you.