Businesses across numerous industries know the importance of real-time data. Having information available sooner allows businesses to react to markets, customers and specific jobs more quickly.

For restoration contractors in the property and casualty industry, being in the know is not only a must, but a way to give their business a competitive edge, reported. Adopting new technology takes time for some companies, and contractors in the restoration field may be hesitant to adopt new methods.

With problems still bothering contractors who have not adopted to cloud computing, companies only get further out of touch with clients and insurance claims by sticking to “old-school values.” While there’s nothing wrong with keeping your own ways, in today’s world, technology should be a large part of how you do business.

The importance of real time
Restorers constantly face new challenges with changing requirements and contingent time constraints.  Moving vital information such as insurance claim documents various job forms, job estimates and other necessary paperwork to the client, there’s only so much time restorers can spend in the office managing administrative tasks.

Real time technology provides your customers with job updates and photos through a web-based platform. Real-time technology provides your customers with job updates and photos through a web-based platform.

However, with a cloud-based platform, restorers can make critical decisions while on the go. Gone are the days when restorers make the majority of decisions in an office instead of on site of the restoration project itself. Even though mobile phones helped restorers keep in touch with clients and other partners through the ’90s and ’00s, cloud technology has taken real-time communication forward.

With cloud technology, real-time information is sent directly to all parties involved while out in the field. Additionally, when you need a certain piece of information or paperwork, you no longer have to travel back to the office to retrieve these documents, Business 2 Community reported.

Staying organized
Using a platform, such as DASH, that is specifically customized to restorers’ needs gets information where it needs to be in the fastest way possible. Additionally, DASH can help you organize incoming paperwork without the need for one physical