The wave of mobile technology has allowed several businesses to take advantage of working remotely, filing papers out of the office and increasing communication through constant contact. Simply put, mobile technology has changed the way jobs are completed, and especially so for those who often work in the field.

Specifically, restoration contractors know a thing or two about working on a new site for each job. The demand for restorers can heighten in any area after a natural disaster, which means those in this field have to be ready to move and work in difficult conditions.

The only problem is many restorers have yet to adopt mobile strategies to increase business and stay competitive. Adopting a massive change like a mobile strategy is a big decision. While this process can take some time to get used to, there are more benefits to a mobile platform than disadvantages to learning a new system.

To understand how mobile technology can transform your restoration company, it’s important to know the main advantages you’ll see immediately after adoption:

“With a cloud-based system, your job notes stay with you at all times.”

1. Avoid disruptions

Disruptions and worksite interruptions are a big part of the restoration industry. For example, many restorers work in the same area that performs restoration services. In the instance of a massive flood, the restorers office could lose power as well as the worksite. However, with a mobile platform, restorers can stay connected through a laptop, smartphone or tablet. This allows restorers to perform their job outside of the office and on the jobsite without an electrical plug-in. Additionally, sometimes natural disasters can make it difficult to reach certain areas or clients. With a mobile adoption, you will be connected through a wireless network, so you don’t have to leave your clients in the dark.

2. Never lose your notes

Working on a mobile cloud-based platform makes it much easier to take job notes while in the field. Taking paper notes on at the jobsite presents several risks as the paper can be damaged, lost or forgotten. Instead, with a cloud-based system, your job notes stay with you at all times, so you never have to worry about finding a pen and paper while on the job. Also, immediately entering notes tends to prevent costly errors that paper-based note taking can cause. Jeffery Brown, a contributing writer for Informed Logix, said one of the main causes for data errors is altering or changing information from outside of the main entry source. This means that errors happen when notes are entered later on instead of right away. Constantly going back to enter new notes on a computer system can increase the chances or errors, while simply logging in data as it comes helps prevent double entry.

Adopting a mobile platform can help you stay on top of your finances wherever your are.Adopting a mobile platform can help you stay on top of your finances wherever your are.

3. Constantly up to date on finances

As a business, it’s critical to be on top of your finances. Adopting a mobile system will only help restorers keep track of their cash flow, payroll, investments and client payments. Boris Dzhingarov, a contributing writer for Tweak Your Biz, explained that it’s always best to be up to date with your finances or you’ll start guessing at how much you need to spend or expenses or on how much is owed from clients. Working on a mobile system allows you to keep track of all your finances no matter where you are, so you can think about things like your payroll before you hire more crew members.

4. Your personal calendar is always with you

In today’s workforce, most workers use email and digital calendars to keep track of duties. According to a report from Government Computer News on mobile and wireless adaptation into the workforce, researchers found that workers using enterprise application systems increased by 50 percent from 2012 to 2014. This means more workers are using their mobile devices to not only run email and calendaring, but to operate mobile platforms as well. The adaptation of mobile devices in the restoration industry is increasing as well. To stay competitive and efficient, restorers should consider adopting DASH Enterprise to make their business operations mobile.