Smartphones truly are incredible marvels of technology. Computers used to be monstrous behemoths that required near-constant attention and maintenance, and gadgets that are infinitely more powerful can now fit in your pocket. It’s no wonder so many people have decided to bring a smartphone into their lives.

That said, this presents an enormous opportunity for business leaders, especially those within the restoration industry. You may have an office that acts as a headquarters, but most of the work your company does happens in the field. This means that any sort of restoration management software has to not only fit into your schedule, but also in your pocket.

Your employees already have the tools

To begin, it’s important to recognize how many of your employees are already using these devices on a regular basis. Smartphones have moved into just about every inch of modern society, with both younger and older workers relying on them daily. A study from the Pew Research Center found that 86 percent of adults between the ages of 18 and 29 currently own a smartphone. This is the prime working age of many people within the restoration business, which means that a vast majority of your employees have access to a mobile device.

Smartphones are extremely useful. Young and old, people just like using smartphones.

However, this trend isn’t relegated solely to millennials. The same study found that 83 percent of those between the ages of 30 and 49 also have a smartphone. Clearly, the usefulness of these handy little gadgets isn’t lost on the current working population, giving business leaders a ubiquitous tool set to tap into.

Not having a mobile option can make life difficult

Although the widespread usage of smartphones is apparent, another factor driving the need for mobile options within a restoration management software is the fact that quite a lot of people are moving away from traditional desktop computers. In fact, a separate Pew Research Center report found that just under 20 percent of American adults “rely to some degree” on their smartphone in order to get online.

“It’s important for contractors to implement a mobile solution for their restoration management systems.”

This is why it’s so important for contractors to implement a mobile solution for their restoration management systems. A portion of people out there find it easier to use their smartphone to connect to internet-based resources, and simply expecting them to use a traditional computer sometimes isn’t an option.

Software needs to be engineered with mobile in mind

Contractors need to keep in mind the importance of mobile technology when looking for systems to compile and consolidate their restoration information. However, simply having a watered-down version of the traditional platform isn’t enough. Regular websites often don’t work correctly on smartphones due to their small size, and it’s important for administrators to understand the importance of having a dedicated mobile app.

This was the thinking behind the creation of DASH Mobile, an app that can be found both on the iTunes store and on Google Play. This platform was designed specifically to not only fit the size of the modern smartphone, but to leverage its capabilities in order to ensure your employees are getting the best mobile experience possible. Real-time documentation has never been easier, making a massive impact on sales, marketing, field production, and back office administration.