The restoration industry is increasingly competitive and demanding. As cloud-based technologies continue to evolve, contractors are increasingly looking to this kind of solution in order to oversee and streamline their business. However, these kinds of platforms have all kinds of benefits and features, and trying to wade through them all can be a difficult process.

In order to help you cut through the confusion, let’s take a look at the top four features every contractor should be looking for in a prospective restoration management platform:

1. Shareability

Capturing information is useless if you can’t move it instantaneously to the people who need it most. The cloud has been found to be an amazing tool for promoting collaboration and communication, but every claim stakeholder may have specific needs. From the customer or water technician to the insurance agent each will need different information about the job progress, which is why data sharing is vital part of any restoration management system.

This is why we’ve developed DASH View which enables project managers to easily share non sensitive job information via a secure web link that is sent by email to external stakeholders. A customer can easily view job photos, important job statuses, notes in real time, showing progress within a particular job. It’s a simple yet effective way to ensure everyone is on the same page.

You need to be able to share data.
Sharing company information is a vitally important part of restoration.

2. Scalability

The ebb and flow of the restoration industry demands a constant fluctuation of the number of workers and resources needed at any given time.

Having to manage these changes can be challenging for multiple reasons, but especially costly and daunting if you’re utilizing a software that requires additional user licenses or having to set up initial login profiles on a server. Thankfully, DASH Enterprise allows you to easily add and on-board an unlimited number of users, allowing for scalability at no extra cost. With no limit on data, technical support or users, DASH grows with your company.

“For many contractors, the job site is their office.”

3. Mobility

For restoration contractors, the job site is their office. The days of rotary phones and filing cabinets full of information about projects are gone, having now been replaced by mobile devices and cloud-based data storage. In fact, smartphones are becoming so common within construction that DeWalt has made a device designed specifically to work after being dropped more than six feet and can stand temperatures between -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, according to BBC.

With technology continuously evolving to fit the needs of the modern construction worker, nowadays finding ROI on mobile investment is almost instant. For this reason, we put so much focus to develop a native mobile platform for DASH Enterprise. Field workers can enjoy rich features and robust functionality through the mobile app. DASH Mobile was designed to give you all the power of the DASH cloud-based environment without having to access it from a browser.

4. Visibility

Keeping up with your business’ finances can be challenging for any business owner. After all, you started your company to provide a service to those in need, not to shuffle through pages of accounting information. This is a struggle that many contractors face, and it’s why any restoration management software should come equipped with a robust financial tracking feature.

DASH’s Altitude dashboard was created to solve this exact problem. As the name would imply, Altitude allows you to climb above the confusion and get a bird’s-eye view of your company’s current standing. Easy-to-read graphs and charts allow you to quickly and effectively see how money and jobs are moving through your operation without having to bother your accountant or controller. On top of that, Altitude allows you to view multiple different financial reports all from a singular platform.

With all of these amazing features and functions, it’s easy to see why so many contractors rely on DASH Enterprise for all their data needs. Not using a restoration management system these days simply forces a disadvantage onto your company and puts you well behind your competition, so contact a Next Gear expert today and find out what DASH Enterprise can do for your business.

5. Availability

Let’s face it, you have invested a lot of time and money into a new claims management software, it needs for you and your company. Which is why you’re looking for ROI, beyond optimizing your new system, you need technical support when it matters most. That is why, DASH’S support team is the best in the industry. Next Gear’s technical team is the only support desk that can boast availability 24/7. They understand the nature of the restoration industry like none other. When you harness DASH, you don’t only get the industry’s leading claims management platform, you also benefit from the best support and training team in the industry.