As technology improves and cloud storage becomes less expensive, restoration contractors are embracing software to manage their business. The best restoration project management software will track profitability, provide accurate forecasting, enable mobile capabilities, and improve workflow efficiency. Use these tips to make sure you choose the best restoration management software for your business

Find a comprehensive end-to-end project management solution
Many project management software solutions can solve one workflow problem in your organization, but they often do it by shifting the work onto another group. Unless the project management software provides a comprehensive solution for your restoration business, your employees will end up doing double entry on multiple systems.

Good software is more than a collection of features; done right, it’s greater than the sum of its parts and will solve problems in your business without creating new ones. Don’t settle for marginally improving your workflow with a limited set of features. Once you’re sure a system checks the boxes on your list of required features, look at the impact it will have on your organization and the way you do business.

How to choose the right restoration management software

When creating a checklist for a restoration project management software, choose the one that will help you get more jobs, extract more profit from each job, and improve the financial health of your business. Look for a system that optimizes customer relationship management (CRM), manages inventory, provides automated status updates, and job files.  Build the most prosperous future for your restoration business by implementing a full-featured software solution that manages your business from end to end.

Choose a solution that establishes or supports an efficient workflow
When deciding on a project management software to replace an aging paper-based system, look for one that helps create and promote a more efficient workflow process. With information updated in real time, you’ll eliminate hours spent each day playing phone tag and waiting for return emails.

Restoration project management software solutions like CoreLogic® Restoration DASHallows employees to manage multiple customers, cost systems, and job sites without missing a beat. It stores current job status, contact information, inventory, pricing, work schedules, and more in the cloud where it’s accessible by the entire staff. Restoration project management software like DASH streamlines simple tasks, improves communications, and makes information easy to find.

DASH improves communication and productivity

Restoration industry leaders tell us that restoration businesses utilizing a project management software found that on-boarding new employees is simpler, first-call resolutions rise, and conversions from referral to sale are faster than in previous manual systems. Contributing factors to these key indicators include all employees having access to complete account information that include details about the customer site, service history, and restoration requirements. The streamlined and efficient workflow boosts revenue and provides built-in performance measurements.

Find intuitively designed and easy-to-use restoration project management software
The best software on the market is intuitive. It allows users to navigate quickly, input information in a variety of formats, and easily customize it for particular applications.

When deciding on restoration project management software, choose one with a simple, easy-to-use interface designed for even novice users. A sophisticated feature set doesn’t have to be hard to use or flashy to get the job done.

Intuitive Interface of DASH Restoration Job Management Software

Restoration project management tools like DASH offer an intuitive interface that makes everyday tasks like tracking hours on the job, requesting time off, submitting expenses, and forecasting project hours effortless. Accessing and inputting project information on native mobile apps allow restoration teams to work tasks from anywhere, so they’re more productive than ever. Restoration job management software streamlines necessary work activities so you can focus on growing the company and boosting the bottom line.

Find a restoration management tool that makes it easy to share information
Disaster restoration companies operate under a unique business model, even when compared to similar contractor and renovation businesses. The jobs incorporate third parties like insurance companies, property managers, and subcontractors that are dependent upon shared files and status updates.

If your employees have to return to the office during water restoration jobs to upload files or turn in paperwork, the lag time between updates increases the risk of an inaccurate bid or purchasing error. Rather than spending hours each day communicating with the various claims participants, your team can share site drawings, photos, contracts, pricing agreements and more in the cloud and share it with all the key partners with the touch of a button.

Search for software with rich reporting features
Take the first step toward building a successful future for your restoration business by measuring key performance indicators. To manage and grow your disaster restoration business, you need easy access to reporting on business KPIs to measure progress. Effectively managing administrative tasks will help your team maximize business opportunities, improve workflow, and increase profitability.

Restoration project management software gives managers easy access to reporting on performance indicators like hours spent on each job, material costs, and inventory available so you can assign workers to the high-value disaster recovery jobs first.

Knowing what jobs are in the pipeline allows you to track incoming revenue, minimize inventory on hand by automating the reorder of materials based on projected use, and eliminate repetitive paperwork and workflow inefficiencies so your team can focus on operational priorities. Project management tools designed for the restoration industry can give you powerful insight into your business that you need to grow.

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Efficiently managing the service, maintenance, and customer data lets your disaster restoration company offer better service than competitors. DASH restoration software is the cloud-based solution of choice for successful restoration companies to automate business operations end-to-end. Schedule a free consultation today!

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