The cloud is everywhere these days. The technology, which could once only be found in the most advanced IT companies, has moved its way into just about every industry and sector. In fact, a recent survey from Spiceworks found that only 7 percent of respondents weren’t using the cloud for any of their current work operations.

Clearly, many modern businesses are getting quite a lot out of the cloud, but what about the restoration industry? Can this technology enable workers to more efficiently and effectively help a company or a homeowner get back on its feet after a harrowing disaster? Let’s take a look:

Collaborate more, confuse less

One of the biggest advantages of working in the cloud is that it allows for a deeper level of collaboration between workers. A cloud-based restoration management system such as DASH can allow employees to quickly view anything from pending task on projects to important job information, all from one easy-to-learn platform.

In fact, increased collaboration through the cloud is seen throughout multiple industries and organizations. A 2015 report from Harvard Business Review found that around 72 percent of respondents thought increased cooperation was the “top benefit” of working in the cloud. While collaboration is a solid advantage in any industry, it’s absolutely necessary within the restoration business.

“Restoration work relies on a near-uncountable number of variables.”

Restoration work relies on a near-uncountable number of variables. Varying weather conditions, challenging schedules to accommodate and many other considerations go into repairing a damaged home or business. Keeping on top of all of this while also ensuring communication and collaboration between workers can be extremely difficult. This is why DASH Enterprise has a built-in calendar to track employee activity and job scheduling.

Improve the speed and quality of services

Like all great technological innovations, the cloud was built on efficiency. The ability to access and move information in real time anywhere at anytime is incredibly useful. This is especially true within the restoration industry, as contractors are often obligated to be on multiple job sites in a single day. The digital age has increased customer expectations for responsiveness, which is a task the cloud handles beautifully.

The Verizon 2016 State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud report supported this advantage of the technology, with 88 percent of respondents having said that the cloud has increased their capability to respond to business requests quickly and effectively. What’s more, the study also found that 65 percent of participants in the survey believed their cloud usage boosted their “overall operations.”

Keeping client communications consolidated within the cloud enables contractors to not only respond quickly, it also allows them to keep track of all the minutia involved with directly dealing with a customer or insurance representative. DASH allows administrators the ability to centralize all collected intelligence about specific clients and jobs, which improves customer relations while also maximizing responsiveness.

The cloud can help improve your business. There are a lot of reasons to love the cloud.

Take advantage of all those smartphones at the job site

Continuing with this model of efficiency, contractors should remember the kind of technology their employees have on them at all times. While a restoration worker in years past might have brought a hammer to the job site, the modern employee has a different set of tools. The Pew Research Center found around 68 percent of Americans currently own a smartphone.

This is why the best cloud-based platforms have a mobile option, and it’s also the reason DASH has smartphone and tablet capabilities. What’s more, DASH Mobile isn’t just some watered-down version of the web application you’d see with your laptop. This is a full featured mobile app that anyone can find on both Google Play and the iTunes store. Regardless of the job complexity DASH Mobile helps field crews harness the power of now.
Clearly, the cloud has multiple benefits for contractors working within the restoration industry. If you’d like to see what the DASH platform can do for you and your business, contact one of our experts today.