In the property and casualty industry, time is of the essence. The clock starts ticking the moment a claims assignment is received. Service providers’ response time will not only dictate customer satisfaction but also can mean the difference between a $2,000 claim and a $10,000 one. While most score well in this department, the truth remains that a lot of time is lost during the administrative process of managing the claim assignment. The good news is restoration contractors are great at what they know – most can efficiently mitigate claims with all the proper tools and techniques, and they will spend an excessive amount of money on the front end of their company with drying equipment and training to ensure they remain up-to-date and competitive. However, what happens to the back end, to the administrative processes?

Thousand of dollars are wasted due to redundant processes, inefficient use of resources, and lack of accountability. Many different restoration contractors still use clipboards, folders, whiteboards, spreadsheets, and claims lists to manage their claims assignments. You will also hear most say, “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” We beg to differ. We believe that it is broken and it does need fixing. With that in mind, we set out to redefine productivity. We built our restoration software on Six Sigma principles – a software designed by restoration individuals for the restoration industry. DASH’s hybrid cloud structure provides a robust and scalable platform in which companies can ensure organizational compliance. Its processed-based structure and feature-rich interface provides companies with more efficient workflows and better use of resources.

In addition, DASH drives company-wide accountability and transparency. All important company information can now flow freely in real time across all departments, eliminating wasted time looking for data or answers. When properly harnessed, DASH can save time, cut down on wasted resources, and boost overall productivity.