Technology, accessibility and improved communication strategies are all changing the property and casualty industry. Now, restoration contractors know that proper claims, performance and compliance management are all critical to succeed in this fast-paced and competitive industry.

As a restoration contractor, you likely deal with operational challenges on every single restoration project. It’s easy for one small problem to turn into a costly event that could slow down your progress and possibly ruin your customer’s expectations and experience.

To ensure you adhere and follow to specific service requirements standards, you need to a system that will help you navigate the challenges of complying to the specific set of service level agreements (SLA’s) for your job

Being compliant should be one of your primary goals as a restorer, but it takes a heightened sense of awareness to comply specific set of requirements in the property and casualty industry.

There’s a need in this industry to exceed the expectations of your customers’, which will only help you gain more clients in the future. By increasing your compliance with the help of technology, you can spend more time completing claims with better business intelligence that help you be more profitable in the long run.

“Digital filing helps you reduce driving back and forth to meet with business owners and clients.

Addressing compliance in the cloud

One of the best ways to address compliance issues is by DASH’s compliance manager and workflow builder which automates your claim specific tasks and documentation requirements. DASH’s mobile technology will let you move important milestones and claim information in real time – wherever you’re located. With a digital screen that shows exactly what you need approved for the job, you can tackle compliance tasks directly from on the worksite with a mobile device.

Using DASH’s robust claims management platform, restorers can stay on top of compliance requirements.

Technology has come a long way in the industry and leveraging DASH into your restoration project will only help you discover how much time you wasted with paper documents. Digital filing helps you reduce time driving back and forth to meet with business owners, clients and other parties involved.